Why Grassfed?

Why Grassfed?

As a 6-year-old it was hard to understand that my Grandpa was losing his battle to multiple myeloma, even harder to understand that in just 6 weeks pancreatic cancer would take my Grandma without any prior notice.

I wondered why this happened, then I just accepted that people get old, they get sick, and they die. I bought into this until about senior year of high school and I started searching for alternative medicines, I knew something was out there.

I would like to dedicate this website, Grassfed, my life’s work, and every ounce of effort I have to figuring out what it takes to keep people healthy and live the longest and happiest lives possible

With this in mind, we have to find balance to optimize our adventure.

With discipline and education come empowerment, eat to live and enjoy every bit of the ride you are on because the fact that you are alive is what life is all about.

Dugie McKinney: September 15, 1940- May 16, 2004     Shon McKinney: February 6, 1939- February 4, 2005