What We Do

Our Mission

To empower individuals to live long and happy lives while pursuing passionate careers. Being the youngest in most groups I am in, My constant mission is to soak up as much knowledge and wisdom as possible. Using this knowledge I have branched into the Belize market as Farm to Family Ltd., a company working with groups throughout the country to provide farm fresh produce raised without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers.

What I’ve Achieved

  • Smoothie King 
    • While becoming a skilled smoothie maker, I discovered the ugly truth of “healthy” businesses. Unknown ingredients and bottom lines left little room for a truly nutritious fruit smoothie.
  • Sprout’s Farmers Market Produce Dept.
    • I learned the system of corporate chained grocery stores, fortunately Sprouts was very ethical but I left very motivated to one day create a store without cutting corners.
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    • After multiple failures, I fully engulfed myself in the physiology, anatomy, mechanisms, and exercise science of the body and received my Personal Training Certification.
  • 3 month Internship: Pro- Organic Belize
    • In the Fall of 2017 I was granted an opportunity to assist the development of Pro-Organic’s Pesticide-Free Produce Distribution Group and more.
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