Time Capsule

After creating the following page in the summer of 2017, I completely forgot about it until now [October 30, 2018] and upon looking back on it felt like a time capsule. (not to mention the exact manifestation over the last year)

As Bob Weir would say, “What a Long, Strange Trip it’s been” and the trip has just begun.

September 2015, I was on the path of the average 21st Century teenager…Community College, Dorm, Part-time job, and ready to grab life by the horns. I knew I wanted to open a business but really had no interest in being in school. I began watching documentaries on health and human potential and searching for what I really wanted to do with myself.

By November I had stopped going to class and began researching the plant based diet, hoping to optimize the life of the people that I love… and like that Grassfed was born.

Since then I have morphed the philosophy to balance a metaphysical realization of the infinite and an optimal experience in this primate body.

During the Fall of 2016 I spent a few months in San Ignacio, Belize staying at Maya Mountain Lodge working as an intern with Pro-Organic Belize and The Belize Wellness Institute. In this time I learned about various alternative healing modalities such as acupuncture, herbs, energy, massage, and more.

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

What’s next?

Fall 2017-Spring 2018: Belize Trip (Filming, Learning, Podcasting)

2018: Establish Network of Healers, Chefs, Health Food Stores, Media through Grassfed Media Network

2019: Travel and Film

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