Kelly Schwegel

Kelly Schwegel

The metaphysical foundation for Team Grassfed, Kelly changed my life the moment I picked up her book. Understanding your true purpose in this life is something that few investigate, but those who do seem to be forever changed. What lessons are you here to learn? What’s it all about? 


About Kelly

With degrees and a career in education, Kelly never felt fully fulfilled until taking the leap and following her calling of helping others find healing within themselves through the Art of Inner Alchemy. Since discovering her clairvoyance at a young age she has consulted with a set of Guides that allow her to work intuitively with clients to gain control of their life and tasks within it.

The Art of Inner Alchemy with Kelly Schwegel

A series of short videos highlighting Kelly’s career, current work, book releases, and an introduction to the core question, what is the purpose of this life?

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The art of inner alchemy 

“Understanding the purpose of this life and your growth within in”

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Inner Alchemy for teens

A Guidebook to Understanding This Life and Becoming Happier Within It

Published May 28, 2018

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