10/30/16 Placencia, Belize (Heaven on Earth) This morning was the first morning that I turned off my 5 AM alarm since I have been in Belize, it was a very nice feeling. Upon waking, I did the first thing that I do every morning…call my mom. There is no better way to start the day than to talk to the best person in your life, whoever that is…take time every day to… Read More

10/21/16 San Ignacio, Belize-Belmopan, Belize A few people who work at the lodge had mentioned that they took a trip to Belmopan to meet with a Columbian Iridology doctor. Iridology is the study of the iris and how it can be a major insight to the overall systematic health of your body. Pretty much they take a picture of your eye and can tell what organs are overactive or underactive, what needs… Read More