The Grassfed Podcast #7: Terrell Taylor

Episode 7 of The Grassfed Podcast introduces you to Terrell Taylor of Blue Water Sailing, learn about his career as a Tour Guide, Boat Captain, and did you know he is only 21?

The Grassfed Podcast #6: Cali Baird

Episode 6 of The Grassfed Podcast introduces Cali Baird, Founder and CEO of Scents With Intent. Learn about Cali, Candles, Aromatherapy, and more!

The Grassfed Podcast Episode #5: Luke Potter

Luke Potter is a strongman competitor, former Bodybuilder, trainer, and fellow Allen High School graduate. I had the honor of sitting down with him to discuss his current missions, why he ventured away from bodybuilding, and some of his favorite products from Holistic Hemp Healing.