Just up the hill from The San Ignacio Police Department… Lies one of San Ignacio’s most elegant hotels with a special tour: The Hotel’s most popular attraction is an ecologically conscious mission that encompasses conservation, entertainment, education, and large lizards. Started in 1996, the project is driven to conserve the iguana population by not only rehabilitating but empowering incubation, hatching, rearing, and providing space to grow until they are ready to be… Read More

11/19/16 San Ignacio, Belize Each Saturday has kinda become a checkpoint for me, these are the most eventful days so I always notice when another week has gone by, this was a really good day to end a really good week…only a few more of these left so I am trying to soak up every minute of it. You know when your phone charger has seen better days and you have to… Read More

11/18/16 San Ignacio, Belize A slow morning lead to some big news, after breakfast and a morning adventure hike, Bart asked me to redesign the wellness menu for Maya Mountain Nature’s Kitchen. This is the perfect opportunity to show the wide variety of dishes available for The Grassfed Way. Maya Mountain will have a menu of smoothies, tonics, herbal teas, Superfood Entrées, and healthy desserts. I got to work on creating the… Read More

11/17/16 San Ignacio, Belize This morning I witnessed my first glimpse of the Belizean court system, I have heard horror stories about the delays and lack of organization but never witnessed it myself. A couple of our friends had to deal with a real estate issue and Mary invited me for support and a chance to see the setup. I got a nice breakfast to start the day of veggie omelet, fruit,… Read More

  11/16/16 San Ignacio, Belize The Lodge has such an incredible herb garden so I have made it a new goal to make fresh tea every morning, this morning I harvested some mint leaves and brewed up a batch to take to class with me.I am getting into a bit of a schedule now that I have been here for over a month, Wednesday mornings mean metaphysics class with Randy. He swings… Read More