10/29/16 San Ignacio, Belize-Placencia, Belize If you have ever been in the San Ignacio area, you know that Saturday mean market day. I am used to the market atmosphere because my days at Canton. Instead of selling junk at the World’s largest outdoor market, I am promoting organic produce at Belize’s largest open air market…nowhere near the same product but the atmosphere is the beautifully similar. Laughing kids running down packed aisles… Read More

10/7/16 As usual the morning started on the palapa, time with family that I will cherish forever. The only thing that was missing was my Kombucha so I had to head into town and get another bottle, a wine bottle full of the ginger probiotic drink for just $9 US. We usually take a pontoon boat across the canal to walk into town but I usually just take a little boat and… Read More

Day 3 10/6/16 Only the second full day here and I feel like it has been weeks. All worries are gone and life could not be better. Once again it started out with a glass of Kombucha and a nice relaxing morning on the palapa. We like to watch the boats pass through the canal in front of the house, from small fishing boats to huge catamarans there is a huge diversity… Read More

10/5/16 Placencia, Belize After getting settled in Placencia, there were a few things that I had to get the first day: Watermelon Juice from Above Grounds, Kombucha from Brewed Awakenings, and The Fish Sticks(lightly fried fish filet strips) from MOJO’s. After the first decent night’s sleep in a week or so it was nice to get some real rest..but I always get too excited to sleep so I end up getting up… Read More

As I have searched more and more, I have found that the American Dream has become practically non-existent. After 2 hour walk on the beach with a local Belizean I have found a dream the dream I am looking for..The Belizean Dream. After previous conversations with a close friend from home(Born in Zimbabwe) I was shocked to hear that there are so many families that move to the U.S. with a search… Read More