11/14/16 San Ignacio, Belize Mondays, Mondays, Mondays. Most people dread this day, but in Belize it doesn’t seem to matter. Every day is a different adventure and I usually don’t even know what day of the week it is. This morning we went to Santiago Juan’s farm, this farm was started by his grandfather in 1920 and is the longest continually running organic farm in the country. Home to 10,000 moringa trees,… Read More

11/11/16 San Ignacio, Belize-San Antonio, Belize Ever since my first trip to Cayo, I have always wanted to experience Mayan Healing firsthand. Earlier this week I met Maria Garcia, Great-Niece of Don Elijio Panti…one of the most well-known Mayan Healers in Belize. Maria invited me out to her house to see her gardens and healing center, today was the day I made it out there. I started my morning off with a… Read More

11/8/16 San Ignacio, Belize-Barton Creek, Belize Tuesday means one thing, co-op day! I got up around 6:30 and got ready to be picked up by 8. We just had to pick up Mary and we were on our way. Bart, Suzi, and I were instantly greeted by Migo the guard dog(nicest dog in the world) followed by the life of the party, Mary! We headed away from San Ignacio towards San Antonio… Read More

11/5/16 San Ignacio, Belize-Belmopan, Belize A Normal Saturday in San Ignacio consists of going to the market and setting up for the Pro-Organic Booth for the morning, today is BTIA Day so we packed up and left for Belmopan. My continual struggle is getting up with enough time to comfortably enjoy the jungle mornings before having to head off for my morning event, My 5:00 AM alarm turned into a 6:08 rush… Read More

11/3/16 San Ignacio, Belize I prefer to intermitted fast but with breakfast available every morning, I tend to break that habit. After a morning phone call with Angus I had an omelet with veggies, beans, fry jacks, a piece of sausage, and fruit. This was the beginning of a day that I will probably regret in the morning. The Food Addiction is back.. On the bright side of the food situation, I… Read More