10/23/16 San Ignacio, Belize The war is over…because the Grassfed Army retreated when chemical warfare began. Ants officially ran me out of my cottage and into a new, smaller but cozier room. I still have a bed, private bathroom, air conditioner, fan, and the ability to walk around naked…pretty nice conditions if you ask me. I asked to move rooms when the only immediate ant solution was to spray the mysterious “Fish”… Read More

10/16/16 The day started off with a dive in the natural pool behind the Ashram, a night in the tent under the palapa was very fun. After a swim, it was time for morning meditation and my first drink of fresh garlic juice. Most would cringe at the sound of drinking garlic juice but I thought it was really good, not to mention the detoxification it provides. Morning meditation for today was… Read More

10.14.16 San Ignacio, Belize-Belmopan, Belize Another day, another adventure. New friends and incredible experiences. My foot is still attached, no amputation necessary. It was still a little puffy and still is now(Midnight Saturday AM) but we cured it using natural remedies(more info below). The day started off with a ride to Belmopan to set up for the World Food Day festivities. As we got into town we quickly found our spot and… Read More

10/12/16 San Ignacio, Belize Today was a very relaxing day, I expected to go to a metaphysics class at 9AM but that was canceled at the last minute so I ended up spending the entire day at the lodge. It was a very foggy morning on the mountain, this was my view as I walked out of my cottage: I enjoyed a breakfast burrito with (nitrate-free) bacon, eggs, beans, and a side… Read More

10/10/16 San Ignacio, Belize My first full day at the lodge started very similar to the past few..breakfast with my Mom, Dave, Aunt Birdie, and Jeanne. We enjoyed an awesome breakfast of “Suzi omelets”(named after the owner’s wife because that is how she makes them for him, packed with veggies and without cheese) with fruit, toast, and the best homemade mango jam I have ever had. This breakfast was a little different… Read More