11/17/16 San Ignacio, Belize This morning I witnessed my first glimpse of the Belizean court system, I have heard horror stories about the delays and lack of organization but never witnessed it myself. A couple of our friends had to deal with a real estate issue and Mary invited me for support and a chance to see the setup. I got a nice breakfast to start the day of veggie omelet, fruit,… Read More

11/12/13 San Ignacio, Belize The Market makes Saturdays one of my favorite days of the week, I love the ambiance and people that are there every weekend. It is just like Canton where the vendors become a family, week after week they spend 6-8 hours together on Saturday mornings and pretty soon they all have a special connection. My favorite people are the Mennonite ladies from Cool M Farms, since the father… Read More

11/11/16 San Ignacio, Belize-San Antonio, Belize Ever since my first trip to Cayo, I have always wanted to experience Mayan Healing firsthand. Earlier this week I met Maria Garcia, Great-Niece of Don Elijio Panti…one of the most well-known Mayan Healers in Belize. Maria invited me out to her house to see her gardens and healing center, today was the day I made it out there. I started my morning off with a… Read More

11/7/16 San Ignacio, Belize-Bullet Tree, Belize Being my first day in a new room, it feels like I am in a new place. I got up and went on an adventure into One World Village, the neighborhood next door that is in the process of being developed. There are trails all through the back of the neighborhood that go down to the river, I had been on the trails but never been… Read More

11/4/16 San Ignacio, Belize Lazy Rainy Days. The rainforest is so beautiful as the rain pours through the canopy, I haven’t had any days in Belize without a bunch of stuff to do…it was nice to relax and get some work done while staying in my pajamas all day (my comfy pants, my pajamas are boxers…can’t imagine sleeping in pants.)   I spent today gathering some information for the organic products that… Read More