Pet Wellness Bundle



Holistic Hemp Healing has partnered up with The Canine Cookie Company to put together this fantastic wellness bundle for your furry friends! Both of our small businesses have a big passion for keeping pets happy and healthy! Buying this bundle allows you to try not one, but two cannabidiol rich industrial hemp products! Let us help you help your pets feel their best!

Pet Elixir 150

Holistic Hemp Healing’s hemp oil tastes better than the rest!

We source only the highest quality, all natural, GMO-Free, canna bidiol rich hemp from our network of Maine farmers. The cold press extraction method we use guarantees the cleanest, most effective, and purest products on the market. We use monkfruit, a diabetic and pet friendly sweetener, to enhance the taste of this pure hemp oil extract, which is often described as earthy or grassy in flavor.

The Canine Cookie Company – Happy Puppy Infused Dog Cookies- 10 Pack:

These Happy Puppy Cookies are made using the same Canine Cookie Company chicken flavored recipe that your fur-babies have come to know and love, but they are infused with Holistic Hemp Healing’s Water-Soluble ca nnabidiol. Each bag of Happy Puppy Cookies contains 10 Cookies, scored for easy portion control. Each cookie contains 10-13 mg.

Holistic Hemp Healing’s Water-Soluble cann abidiol is fast acting. If your pet is accustomed to an oil product, we recommend using a slightly smaller dosage to start, and anticipating faster relief.


The industry standard is approximately 2mg per 10 lbs. (Example: 20lb dog may receive approximately 4mg)

Keep in mind, just like with humans, ideal dosage may vary from dog to dog.


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