Placencia is my favorite place to kick back and relax outside of the jungle, while providing the relaxation of the village life and long beaches it is also a close drive from Bocawina National Park.

First, figure out where you are staying:

  • AirBnB
  • VRBO

Our Reccomendations:

If you’re staying in town (our recommendations are) then don’t worry about getting transportation until you plan on driving up the peninsula. Once you need some wheels, go to Barefoot Rentals and tell them Grassfed sent you:


When it comes to food, I’ll tell you the truth…go to Rick’s Cafe as much as you can. You can eat there every single meal and have a different flavor each time, whether you want pizza, sandwiches, pastas, BBQ, sushi (shhhh..don’t tell him I said that, it’s a secret), or one of his legendary specials there is not a bad thing that comes out of his quaint cafe on the sidewalk.

Learn more about Rick’s 



  • Tyrone’s Wood Shop




  • Bocawina


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