With under 30 days left until my next Belizean adventure, I’m ramping back up on the blog. This was my connection to the world during the first 2 months in Belize when I got my internship at Maya Mountain Lodge and I am happy to be back in the game. My writing habits have slowed to nearly nonexistent over the last two years, occasional blogs online and a handful of scattered notes in half a dozen notebooks summarizes my time back in Dallas for the spring and summer of 2017 to save for The Belizean Dream as well as my 12 months in Belize. Although these times were poorly documented, the benefit of the time that I was able to disconnect was critical for the self-growth I was able to accomplish (and an established Belizean company while I was at it). 

It’s currently April 2nd, 2019 and my flight leaves in 27 days. In that time I will continue to work at my day job to save more money, order the necessary items for my trip, produce content in anticipation of the events of the next month, and do my damn taxes (procrastinator, I know!) The process of bouncing back and forth between Dallas and Belize is something that I’m still working with in my mind, What’s the right balance? Do I want to live there full time? Not yet. Do I want to be able to go there whenever I want? Definitely. But for now I am establishing the financial means to have that freedom.

In the last 6 months I have started The Grassfed Group, a marketing and consulting company that works with small businesses and artists to connect with their audiences on a digital platform. This is one of the ways I will be able to generate income on the road, working online is something I have toyed with in the past for small projects and I’m confident that I can incorporate it into my routine without much hassle. 

After this trip I will be acquiring a van to travel around the U.S. in between my trips down south, I have created a network of people around the country that I will go visit and work with on a handful of projects I am brewing up. The flexibility that comes with dropping rent, utilities, and other unnecessary bills brings great benefits.

The major event of this trip will be the first large shipment of Moringa will be coming back with me. I have brought back smaller amounts in the past but there has been a bit of a demand so I’ll be bringing our first product to market. It’s a great experience to learn the proper way to import things in coordination with BAHA (Belize Agricultural Health Authority), USDA, and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol since most people completely disregard these checkpoints by lying on their passport forms. Not only am I too paranoid to lie on something like that, I’ve learned enough in the last few years to understand the importance of food safety and how big of an impact foreign species can have if not properly cared for. I will be posting an article on the procedures for importing large amounts of plant matter for those who would like to import products of their own.

There’s so much to do in the next 27 days and as much as I want to relax before a month of business in Belize, I have taxes to do and classes to take among a handful of other things. Back to that balance thing..I’ll find it some day.


Pro-Organic Belize hosts monthly presentations at Maya Mountain Lodge, the purpose is to gain insight on various aspects of organic agriculture, food, and horticulture by bringing in experts in the respective field.

On January 8th, 2019 Mr. Santiago Juan discussed the future of Pro-Organic and how the future of clean food in Belize is dependent on a handful of variables including local crops, a consistent marketplace, and increased community involvement.

Watch the talk below:

Just up the hill from The San Ignacio Police Department…

Lies one of San Ignacio’s most elegant hotels with a special tour:

San Ignacio Resort Hotel

The Hotel’s most popular attraction is an ecologically conscious mission that encompasses conservation, entertainment, education, and large lizards.

Nigel runs the show at the Green Iguana Conservation Project

Started in 1996, the project is driven to conserve the iguana population by not only rehabilitating but empowering incubation, hatching, rearing, and providing space to grow until they are ready to be released to the wild.

There’s a comfortable seating area where you will learn about the project before going in

There are two types of iguanas, green iguanas are vegetarians and black iguanas (not in this project) will eat anything from plants, birds, snakes, dead animals, and anything else they can get their hands on.

In Belize, iguanas are consumed like chicken for both the meat and their eggs but unfortunately, the timing of these harvests take out both the mother and the maturing eggs since Iguanas can only lay eggs from February to June and that is iguana season.

The Iguanas have free roam around the large enclosure, they love to climb on the rails

Not all iguanas are ready to be released back into the wild, a few of our new friends will never be leaving the sanctuary due to their injuries but are definitely living much more functional lives than previously offered.

They’ll even climb on you if you’ll let them!

Don’t be afraid, they’ll pose for a picture!

Beware, they’re always watching you…

Learn more about the project and booking at The San Ignacio Resort Hotel

It’s not often that my Mom goes out of her way to brag about someone but I had been hearing about Edgar for weeks before going to Placencia for the holidays. That being said, it’s the first thing that we did when I got back on the peninsula.

After a few nights out and an adventure on The Island Time Getaway, I had the honor to sit down with the Trainer, Coach, Physique Champion, Former Boxing Champ, and owner of Evolution Beach Gym at his gym in Placencia, Belize. We discussed the life of a Belizean, his movement around Latin America, Boxing Career, Physique Competitions, and much more.


For our second straight Placencia Holiday, we decided to head out with Captain Terrell of Blue Water Sailing. We weren’t sure what day we would be able to go out because of the inclement weather but when the Captain called us early on the 25th with confidence that it would blow over, we packed up and headed towards the pier. (The skies didn’t agree but we trusted Terrell’s experience on the water) After a great day with these guys last week, we knew that even an hour on the dock would be a good time.

Unzoomed view from the porch of our cabaña
The mornings at Tradewinds would never get old..
Looking towards the Placencia Pier
Looking down the coast
Luckily, this rainbow sent us on our way with good luck
Behind the Scenes of LessonsInBelize.com
Miss Aimee Conway
The Coast of Placencia
The Placencia Pier
Awaiting our boat
A Norwegian Cruise ship sits behind the bay of sails
The Royal Runner of Royal Belize passes by The Enclave
Little boats, bigger boats, and the big boat
The Island Time Getaway arrives!
Captain Terrell and the gang will pull right up to the pier
The Captain Himself, 21 year-old Terrell Taylor of Placencia, Belize
The Big Brother and Aimee
In his mind he knows the weather will blow over..
The Day Trip includes Fishing!
Snacks on The Sea
Shades of Blue
Stereotypical Toes Picture
Aimee loves watching for dolphins
Captain Terrell Taylor

Want to learn more about Captain Terrell Taylor? Listen to The Grassfed Podcast #8 with Terrell and host Klayton Carpenter on Anchor.fm


to Ivan’s Island

Lunch Time!
Edgar is that you?
Sweet Peppers are among the many crops in the garden on the island,
The steady wind from the morning’s weather helped pull the sail along quite well.