The Falls at Mayan Sky Canopy Tour [Dec. 16]

On the afternoon of December 16, we loaded up and went just north of the peninsula to Mayan Sky Canopy Tour for a waterfall adventure with friends. The park is much closer than our previously visited Attraction (Bocawina National Park) and does not require near as much hiking to get to the falls so we reccomend this one for anyone…

Morning Sail with Friends on Blue Water Sailing’s Island Time Getaway

Captain Hank, Terrell, and Connor of Blue Water Sailing picked us up for a morning of sailing on December 14th, the result was a tan, great photos, and better memories. Thank you to Edgar and Melanie of Evolution Beach Gym (Allie too!), Jim and Amanda of Amik Kil Ha’, the crew, and my wonderful parents for a great morning on…

The Grassfed Podcast #6: Cali Baird

Episode 6 of The Grassfed Podcast introduces Cali Baird, Founder and CEO of Scents With Intent. Learn about Cali, Candles, Aromatherapy, and more!

The Grassfed Podcast Episode #5: Luke Potter

Luke Potter is a strongman competitor, former Bodybuilder, trainer, and fellow Allen High School graduate. I had the honor of sitting down with him to discuss his current missions, why he ventured away from bodybuilding, and some of his favorite products from Holistic Hemp Healing.