Our Vision

Our Vision

Welcome to the Holistic Health Renaissance 


What does it take to live a long and happy life?

I believe that each of us can achieve this without sacrificing quality of life. It is our job to demand clean products and morph the agendas of the businesses that provide them. If not, then we will find a company who can!

At Grassfed, we aim to make a long and happy life the only option by empowering farmers, businesses, restaurants, and consumers to think not only of profit margins, but also about the health and wellbeing of their customers.

The first step is to provide the education, then we can guide the consumer to the healthier options, and in turn affect the market as a whole.

Here are some of our plans:

  • Fully interactive Holistic Healing Database (Website & App)
  • Healing & Cooking Book partnered with Mary Loan’s Jungle Kitchen
  • Grassfed Food Truck
  • Healing Retreats
  • Sponsored 5Ks and Festivals 
  • Grassfed TV
  • Longevity for Everybody


Klayton Carpenter

Founder, Grassfed


 Two of my mentors: Mary Loan (Plant-based Cooking) and Randy Barnes (Metaphysics)
Two of my mentors: Mary Loan (Plant-based Cooking) and Randy Barnes (Metaphysics)


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