Daily Exercise, Yoga, MEditation

Daily Exercise, Yoga, & Meditation 

  Chai Garden Yoga Ashram
Chai Garden Yoga Ashram


To some, their yoga practice is simply a way to get fit and flexible, while others are fully submerged in a deep spiritual yoga practice. I am still a definite amateur, but with every session that I complete there are small improvements and it keeps me motivated for the next round. The relaxation of the body through stretches, poses, and an assortment of movements followed by Shavasana is an experience that I seriously advocate for everyone at least once. In this pose I fell into a of complete bliss and clarity, well worth the sweating and back bending that build up to this.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Ph.D

Ph.D: Bio Medical Science

Bachelors’s of Science Degree:   Biochemistry

I discovered Dr. Patrick on an episode of JRE, specializing in Aging, Cancer, and Nutrition. Found my Fitness is the hub for her videos, podcasts, and articles that include recipes as well. I am yet to find someone so qualified that is this passionate about her work, her videos tell it all…from Sprouts to Smoothies and more, Found my Fitness connects medical research with everyday application.

  Brain Activity during Meditation
Brain Activity during Meditation
 A Belizean Cattle Field
A Belizean Cattle Field


Simply slowing down and being mindful

The practice of mindfulness is simply being in present moment, whether it is a close-eyed lotus pose in nature or dishes in a silent house, these are times when we are able to slow down our thought process and collect the data as it flows through our minds. A MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) class was successful at reducing stress, pain, and aggression in adolescents. 


Other forms of yoga and meditation will likely have a similar impact on cortical structure, although each tradition would be expected to have a slightly different pattern of cortical thickening based on the specific mental exercises involved

— Meditation experience is associated with increased cortical thickness https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1361002/#R25
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