Why Belize?


My mom and I at the beginning of my first Belizean adventure

Why Belize?

A series of bizarre events lead me to Maya Mountain Lodge in San Ignacio, Belize. After a short stay as a guest in September of 2016, I returned just three weeks later to begin a three month internship. 

The Fall of 2016 showed me the true power of a holistic lifestyle, from Organic farming to metaphysics and everything in between. Through working with Pro-Organic Belize I was able to gain insight to many of the key issues facing agriculture and our modern food system.

After returning to Dallas, I became a Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Grassfed as an Official Entity with the State of Texas, worked nights as a trash man, and sold everything I had.

Now it’s time to get serious…

I am in Belize collaborating different components of The Holistic Health Renaissance. Follow along as we help put an end to toxic food, water, and establish sustainable agriculture for the country of Belize.