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We believe that music is one of the most unifying elements on earth, when the content of the music is positive and empowering we can come together for a purpose much larger than any song or album, Grassfed Music is our hub for all things music. With an extreme spotlight on their daily lives, artists have an extreme effect on the lifestyles of their fans and we have seen that carry on through entire generations with movements like Logic’s quest for Peace, Love, and Positivity. The intention of this initiative is to bring a holistic lifestyle full-circle by incorporating all aspects including food, music, and medicine, follow along as we go from articles to videos and begin to work towards hosting our own music events to share great food, happy music, art, and empowering workshops.

2018 Favorites:


“Turn your insecurities into art”

Dizzy Wright

“World Peace”


“Peace, Love, & Positivity”


RetroHash | Asher Roth | April 22, 2014

The Human Condition | Jon Bellion | June 10, 2016


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