Grassfed Media

Grassfed Media

Grassfed Media is the international branch of Grassfed that handles all content creation, produces The Grassfed Podcast and GrassfedTV, and consults other holistic-minded businesses to empower the potential growth of companies that are focused on creating healthier options rather than cut costs and hitting the bottom line. Below are some of the various operations in more detail:

The Grassfed Podcast

The Grassfed Podcast takes you into the life of host Klayton Carpenter as he interviews some of his peers, mentors, and friends from the road. From a discussion on plant-based diet with a vegan on a farm in Belize to a demonstration with a bodybuilder at a iron gym in North Dallas, the goal is to gather information from holistic-minded individuals to empower the listener to live long and happy lives.

Grassfed TV

Our hub for all video content is GrassfedTV, although currently hosted on YouTube we will eventually be transitioning to a 24/7 Streaming site with all of our episodes on demand to provide a constant source of content throughout the day.

Videos include: Music, Restaurants, Meditation Tracks, Educational Demos, & more

Consulting Services

Team Grassfed’s branch of Media Consulting includes an insight to our network of photographers, videographers, and producers as well as farmers, businesses, and artists throughout the world. Interested in creating holistic media?

Services include: Creative Consulting, Directing, Videography, & more

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