Grassfed’s Guide to Dallas


Grassfed Dallas

With a community spread across the United States and spreading down to Belize, our base of operations is Dallas, Texas. Our hope is to provide a voice for the holistic options throughout the city, proving that there is a growing community of Grassfed-esque entertainment, food, and opportunities to learn and grow as healthy individuals without sacrificing the fun and joy of everyday life.


GRocery Store

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Farmers Market

Throughout Dallas there are several markets that provide fresh produce from throughout the North Texas area, we are currently working on building that part of our Grassfed Guide to Dallas, more coming soon.


The debate in Dallas (as most municipalities) when it comes to wholesale stores is really not that hard, Sam’s Club or Costco? I choose Costco and Grassfed’s Guide to Costco is the go-to guide for shopping for the healthiest foods, eco-friendly household items, and more!


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