Farm to Family

What is Farm to Family?

Farm to Family is a Limited company in Belize focused on connecting farmers to the markets that desire their chemical-free foods. After having experience in several health food environments, (Sprouts Farmer’s Market, Smoothie King, and Product Demos) I saw the need for a No-Corners-Cut Approach to clean food distribution so here I am 2 years later. 

Who is involved?

I (Klayton Carpenter) am working with Mr. Santiago Juan to cultivate strictly “organic” foods. The organic debate is an interesting dilemma. The foods are grown without any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or any other poisons. In America foods can be sold as organic because they were approved by the USDA system, which allows a plethora of chemicals that are far from organic. Farm to Family is dedicated to testing products throughout the season to empower the consumer to make their own choices on where they purchase their food. Our gardens are strictly chemical-free.

What is the plan?

Starting in the Spring of 2018, Farm to Family will have several distribution points throughout Belize which will serve as a central location and drop-off point for weekly farm-fresh boxes of produce. These boxes will come for 8 weeks, making up one season. At the end of each season we will re-evaluate the process and begin a new season within 2 weeks. 

Weekly Farm Fresh Box: Only 15 spots per season


Seasonal Registration – $25

Weekly Box – $25 (+Shipping w/ Tropic Air-San Pedro=1.36/lb Approx. $15/week)

Powdered Superfoods: Moringa Oleifera powder for sale now! Fill out Form for information.

How can you get involved?

Fill out the form at the side of this page, I will return your e-mail with the current status of the group. If you would like to reserve your spot for either of the available groups (San Pedro or Cayo) put in the subject “RESERVE CAYO” or “RESERVE SAN PEDRO”

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