The Cayo District has a special place in my heart, this is where I have spent more time than anywhere. The cost of living here is far cheaper than being on the coast, giving the average traveler a lot more bang for their buck when traveling on a budget.


While having a car is not a necessity, it is more helpful here than Placencia or San Pedro because things are more spread out. I like to take the busses and cabs, a bit more time consuming but it pays off after a week of transportation cost is transformed into an extra few days, tours, or cash in your pocket.

If you’ve got a car, skip this part!

If you’re taking the bus, here is the rundown from Belize City to Cayo:

Belize City Taxi:

Myron [(501) 604-4465] can get you anywhere in the city that you need to go!

From the airport, he will take you to the bus terminal or the first stop before the terminal (depending on the timeframe it might be quicker to meet the bus), the goal is to get an Express Bus (Marked BENQUE EXPRESS in Window) and you will save a lot of time.

Myron will make sure you are safe and sound on the bus, from there you’ll stop at the Belmopan terminal and then on to Santa Elena, San Ignacio, and Eventually Benque Viejo. (Border Town-Bus Ends Here)

Welcome to The Twin Cities:

The San Ignacio and Santa Elena area branches out into various villages including Cristo Rey, Bullet Tree, Succotz, San Antonio, Benque, and more while still being close enough to make it in to town for dinner if you’d like. Here’s a list of our favorites throughout the area, dive into the neighborhoods as you figure out where you’ll be staying.



  • Hostels
    • Old House Hostel
    • Bella’s Backpacker
  • Lodges
    • Nabitunich
    • Maya Mountain Lodge
  • Hotels
    • Cahal Pech (Downtown San Ignacio)
    • Gumbo Limbo (Georgeville Road)


  • Fast Food
    • Nelson’s (Next to Chen’s)
    • Amy’s Diner
  • Sit Down
    • Pop’s
    • Hode’s Place
    • Ko-ox Han Nah (Let’s go eat)
  • Higher End
    • Guava Limb Cafe
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