Welcome to The Holistic Health Renaissance.


Team Grassfed is a collaboration of holistic-minded individuals based in Cayo Belize focused on empowering long and happy lives. By bringing the farmer, chef, business owner, traveller together to the everyday person we are able to create media, recipes, products, and strong connections that allow you to travel, eat, and live in your own home with the peace of mind that your environment is free of toxins.

Our philosophy approaches healthy living as something that shouldn’t cut into your personal time anymore than “normal” life, we do the heavy lifting by working with restaurants to create healthy menus, source chemical-free foods, and market these businesses as Grassfed-approved when they reach the standards we promote.



Grassfed is the holding company of several branches that have roots in both the United States and Belize. Team Grassfed‘s work highlights the Grassfed options in several initial cities that we have made an impact so far. Grassfed Media has launched a free marketing project  in Belize by providing free services to select Belizean companies who are interested in The Grassfed initiative, these will be highlighted in Grassfed’s Guide to Belize and are currently flooding the Grassfed YouTube Channel. Grassfed Moringa and other Grassfed Products will hit the Belizean market in 2018 and transition into the United States market in 2019. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to keep up to date on all current objectives.

Much love from Belize,

Klayton Carpenter


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