Placencia is my favorite place to kick back and relax outside of the jungle, while providing the relaxation of the village life and long beaches it is also a close drive from Bocawina National Park.

If you’re looking for a


First, figure out where you are staying:

Our Reccomendations:
Captain Jak’s:

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Other Accommodations:
  • Solo traveler, Small Group, or Couples (Affordable):
  • Groups (4-5 people) 
  • Larger Group (5-8)
    • Capp’s Inn


Captain Jak’s:

When in the village, a set of wheels isn’t always essential [For those who are willing to walk] but if you are interested in a golf cart, motorbike, bicycle, or kayak check out Captain Jak’s.

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When it comes to food, I’ll tell you the truth…go to Rick’s Cafe as much as you can. You can eat there every single meal and have a different flavor each time, whether you want pizza, sandwiches, pastas, BBQ, sushi (shhhh..don’t tell him I said that, it’s a secret), or one of his legendary specials… there is not a bad thing that comes out of his quaint cafe on the sidewalk.

Learn more about Rick’s 

Grassfed Favorites:

[Smoothies by the Pier]

Other popular options include:

Tipsy Tuna [Bar on the Beach]
Mr. Q [Traditional Belizean BBQ]


Blue Water Sailing

Day trips, sunset cruises, and customized fishing trips available.

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