Artemis Glass

Artemis Glass


just back on blancaneaux street lies a small studio…

In this small studio, Paul Stevenson manifests creations from high quality imported glass. By utilizing heat energy and gravity, he shapes and molds these one-of-a-kind pieces like nobody around. He spills his passion into the glass, by visiting you will experience his love, by wearing his art you will feel it, he is truly an ally.

  Photo Credit: Paul Stevenson
Photo Credit: Paul Stevenson


Here is a short excerpt from Paul’s site:

“My reasoning is that having now completed fifty-nine orbits of the sun, I have sufficient wisdom to resolve that whatever I create or make is a result of contemporary influence and what is happening in my life and what is happening in the world.

It follows therefore that whatever I make or create belongs to humanity because humanity has influenced the creation.

I create and make items for other humans to see and touch and feel and enjoy.

I merely own the materials that make up the physical mass of the object and I paid for the facilities and equipment to make it.

I love everything I create. Like my children, I like to see and admire them.

Therefore if you would like to take away any item from me to keep it close to you for your own personal enjoyment, you would have to pay me money to do so, in order that I can afford to make and create another piece.

When I teach and share a technique with you, I have no secrets. It gives me the greatest satisfaction to know that what you will create or make from what you have learned will be better and greater than what I could ever dream of.

For someone to assume they own a particular technique is the materialistic mentality of a corporation and simply the product of greed and avarice, at the very least the sign of an amateur artistic temprament.

The truth is that when you die, you will only need a piece of ground one metre by two metres. You don’t own the ground, but you are a part of it. In your passing, I wish you kindness in life and courage in death.”



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