Anton Leslie Art

Anton Leslie was born and raised as an artist in the village of Placencia, Belize. We have had the honor to get to know him over the last year and see some of his jobs come to fruition including this sign at Tipsy Tuna:

A New Method

This sign is made through the same process he describes in the video below. He can make anything from a lionfish to a spotted ray and everything in between, although he is skilled in many different mediums this has taken over his time with commissioned pieces going all around Belize.

The Materials

One of the most impactful elements of this art form is the fact that he is recycling this foam from the freezers at the old Placencia Fisherman’s Co-op, bringing a beautiful piece of art to the world from a product that would otherwise likely be burned at a landfill.

I won’t get into the details of his medium, you can discuss that with him… but I will say that this has never been done until Anton brought these into the world.

The Work

Below are some of the shots from our day in his workshop, as stated in the video there is a huge order headed out to Ranguana Caye this week and several other businesses have already had pieces installed (Raye Caye, Tipsy Tuna, and more!)

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