Itza Belizean Place

Authentic Belizean Food

There are some meals that you must have when you come to Belize, when you’re on the island you have to try Miss Virginia’s Rice and Beans. If you’re looking for a plant-based version, just let her know and you’ll feel right at home.

Grassfed Favorites

The Grassfed Johnny

A Johnny Cake is similar to a biscuit but the game changes when they are split in half and filled with various goods like beans, veggies, and served like a sloppy joe. Did I mention these are baked with Jalepenos in the bread?

This is my favorite Grassfed Belize creation, there are often discouraging looks when a plant-based eater sees the average Belizean menu but this is a perfect example of bridging the gaps and bringing the worlds together. If you approach a chef with a smile and request for something that may not be on the menu, they will almost always work with you (Be polite and patient).

The Grassfed Burrito

These burritos are no joke, depending on how you like to order them…they can get big, fast! Virginia doesn’t believe in filling burritos up with rice and cheap fillers so she makes sure that whether it’s veggies and beans, eggs, or meat and cheese, it’s spilling out the sides!

Belizean Favorites:

Rice and Beans with Stewed Chicken 

The #1 Meal of Belize: Rice and Beans is different than Beans and Rice, the photo above is rice and beans but Virginia will walk you through the process. This can be served without any chicken for any those looking for a plant-based option, create your plate!  

Meet the Chef

Ms. Virginia creates authentic Belizean dishes the way she has all her life, no cutting corners, the real way. Her passion for the culinary arts spill into each and every meal while ingenuititve items sneak in now and again.


Itza Belizean Place is located on Black Coral Street, just off Front Street south of Central Park (Accessible from Front Street or the beach).