Ambergris Eats


Ambergris Eats

Ambergris Eats is our guide to eating clean on Ambergris Caye, by adapting local dishes to your eating preferences you can discover the cleanest and most delicious options in your area. Traditional Belizean food can be altered to fit a vegetarian, vegan, Grassfed, or paleo lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to ask any restaurant to alter their menu, but we have taken a few steps ahead to create this map for you. And for those who just want to eat, if we have it on the list then you can find some good traditional Belizean Rice and Beans, Seré, Tostadas, and much more. 



Grassfed Favorites in San Pedro


Grassfed Burrito 

Itza Belizean Place

The Grassfed Burrito starts with a fresh flour tortilla covered in fried beans, loaded with fresh vegetables, and can have egg added for an extra bit of Vitamin B-12. (Available as tacos, fry jack, or Johnny Cake as well)



Cheese-free Garlic Shrimp Pizza

Garifuna Legegu

Chef Chosen’s handmade pizza stacks up with any pizza I have had in Belize, there are several famous variations but few are raved about like the Garlic Shrimp Pizza. Walter invited us in for this specialty so I asked if he could alter it for my dairy-free preferences, anything can be done Behind the Bush!



Lemon Garlic Veggies and rice

Hungry Grouper

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Shrimp Tacos

Central Park

In my July Trip to San Pedro, I ate more of these than anything, the these tacos are made with fresh cooked shrimp, onions and spices, topped with Pico de Gallo, and packed into a corn tortilla. The ladies also use lobster and chicken, but the veggie options are rather slim. Well worth the trip to the park! 


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