Apologies in Advance Tour stops at Dada Dallas for an intimate night of hip-hop

Club Dada

Dallas, Texas 

October 17th 2018

It was a cool and rainy night in Deep Ellum, Texas. Wise Up’s van parked right outside Club Dada means one thing, Sylvan Lacue is here..and he brought Michael Christmas with him. Along came Khary, Vintage Lee and more! The entire lineup looked like this:

Mike Melinoe:

“Mindfully mysterious, Detroit’s conscious riddler and extraordinary painter Mike Melinoe is a demigod. Melinoe’s music exists in a plane that marries psychedelic sounds to the intricate chaos that can only be summoned by a computer, which makes him of great interest on music loving millennials. Melinoe raps with an elevated consciousness about his life, but eschews narrative for a collage of images. With impressive vocal elasticity, the artist treats beats as blank canvases rather than a series of lines waiting to be colored within. Melinoe sees life differently. Striving for greatness is only a matter of patience and persistence. Mike Melinoe just wants to be known as a creative genius who stopped at nothing to see his art, from music to the paint brush, evolve and inspire others.” -From Melinoe’s Facebook Page 


Vintage Lee:

Super Smash Broz:


Michael Christmas:

Sylvan Lacue:

Grassfed Media:
Danny Ortiz
Klayton Carpenter

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