Why Whole Foods?

Week 1: Organic Whole Foods

Day 2: Why Whole Foods?

Whole Foods are foods in their most natural state.

Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, Meat & Eggs (Free Range & Grassfed)

Whole Foods vs Processed Foods:

In Post WWII America, the food industry introduced convenience foods and the waistband of the country would never be the same. Microwaves, Frozen Foods, Tootsie Rolls, and Cheetos were now available anywhere.

Processing these foods allowed for preservation of freshness, enhancement of appearance, and most importantly the increase in sugar made them much more desirable. 

Processing includes Heating, Refining, Extracting, Synthesizing, and the addition of numerous  chemicals making up a great science experiment, the only issue is that food doesn’t need to be a science experiment. It needs to be food. By buying foods with minimal ingredients we can skip the trial run and go with what our ancestors have been eating for thousands of years. Food.

Read your labels!! This is the most important factor in purchasing decisions, not the brand or macronutrients. There are things hidden in processed foods that are outlawed in other countries or instance, Sulfur Dioxide was once used on raw produce but the FDA outlawed it for that. Now they just use to make it only put it in your wine, juices, beer, and dried fruit.

That’s safe right, because the FDA makes decisions for the enhancement of human wellness? 

That’s up to you.

What is added to foods today?

Can you guess what common breakfast cereal this makes?

MSG: Monosodium Glutamate is a flavor enhancer added to all sorts of snacks, soups, and other packaged foods. By changing neurological pathways, MSG tells your body to keep eating and overexcites cells to the point of death causing brain damage, leading to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

Ever wonder why it is so easy to eat that entire bag of chips or why you never get full at a Chinese Food Buffet? Thank MSG. “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome” was recognized in medical literature after continual accounts of heart palpations and numbness were reported after MSG consumption.

The FDA has it marked GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), but they have also listed the possible symptoms as: Tingling, Numbness, Weakness, Rapid Heartbeat, and Headache.

BHA & BHT: These Petroleum based products are packed in beer, cereal, butter, and preserve freshness by halting the oxidation process. But is it worth the proven health defects? BHA consumption can result in endocrine disruption, depletion of testosterone, thyroid hormone, sperm count, and estrogen metabolism. (1)

Aspartame: This neurotoxic artificial sweetener is in gum, sweet-n-low, diet sodas, and sweet snacks. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, this is the most dangerous substance on the market accounting for 75 percent adverse reactions to food additives. (2)

Sodium Nitrate: One of the largest issues with processed meats and is “the nitrates that are added to these meats as a preservative, coloring and flavoring. The nitrates found in processed meats are frequently converted into nitrosamines, which are clearly associated with an increased risk of certain cancers” (3). Studies also show that when people consumed one sausage or three pieces of bacon per day, they were increasing their risks of cancer by 20%.

So what?

A high percentage of foods in the grocery store have 3 main ingredients and then an assortment of these preservatives. GM Oil (Soy or Canola), GM Sugar (Corn or Beet), and GM Wheat (Bleached and Refined) seem to be the core of grocery store with their side kicks mentioned above. While each of these alone is sheer terror, when you begin combining chemicals, the risk increases exponentially.

Therefore, we should aim towards Organic Whole Foods with no added ingredients. Through this we can avoid all possible toxins from the pesticides, preservatives, dyes, and artificial sweeteners.

Realistic Application

This can be an effective first step in the transition of meal choices. Purchase foods without the chemicals above and watch what happens. Amazing things happen when we can simply remove the poisons and allow our body some time to run at full speed.

Next time you’re at the store, keep an eye out for these ingredients in your foods. Is it worth the proven health defects? That is up to you. My job is to make the information accessible since these big food companies are not.

You should have control over the chemicals that you encounter, if these were being administered in any other way than “food” or “medicine” they would be considered a tool for murder. Take back your health.

Reclaim your Health. Reclaim your Mind. 

Klayton Carpenter


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