Calling upon the Muse and Finding Flow

What is your passion? What keeps you up at night? What do you want to do in life?

These thoughts began when I heard Alan Watts continually ask, “What do you desire? What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?”

I was introduced to Watts at the end of Logic’s second album The Incredible True Story as an excerpt from this lecture plays…

I understand what he means when he says, “Better to have a short life full of what you love than a long life spent in a miserable way” but I am going to take this a step further and say it is better to have a long life full of what you love. Why one or the other?

Where did this come from?

Senior year I began to reject the norms, after watching a few documentaries about the Pharmaceutical industry, food system, and consciousness I was realizing that something wasn’t right, I was called to action. The path that we’re on was not working. (it has already shifted)

From that point on I have been standing on the opposite side of the street, while everyone runs towards simplicity, technology, state-controlled food supply, and chemical medicines. I am spreading the message that we must reclaim our minds, food safety, and the understanding that you have the power to achieve anything you can imagine.

Why am I going against the grain?

We are at the point in time where we either decide to fall into the trap of convenience and disease, or rise up to live the lives that we all deserve through toxin-free environments (Social, Mental, Environmental). This is my passion, this is what keeps me up at night, this is what puts me in a state of flow.

Imagine a world where everyone is doing what they love. A world where people live their passion and work is a foreign concept because after all, the most successful man I know once told me, “If you truly love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”

This is flow. Flow is the state of mind where all else is irrelevant but your current actions and thoughts, this is attainted through doing what you truly enjoy. Cooking, Cycling, Sewing, whatever it is that gets you to this state…DO IT.

I learned to do it, and ever since that day things have been very interesting. Grassfed is becoming a reality, I am headed back to Belize, and Life is Good. This stuff really works.

On that day, I made a new friend: The Muse

I remember hearing about the Muse in high school English class, but never really grasped the concept until she started messing with me. In Greek literature, the muses were the daughters of Zeus who bestowed creative thought on those who called upon them. When following a passionate path towards our dreams, these are the mountain movers, the blockade busters, and the spirit that is within all of us that allows us to create art, love, and achieve the vision that we create in our mind.

Many artists don’t take credit for creating the work they perform or put on canvas, they simply thank the Muse for bestowing her gifts upon them. This is no different than a connection to God, Buddha, Krishna, or any many other religious deities, a search for your true inner self that connects to the universe through a life of passion and manifestation.

“The muse is a different kind of teacher and master, and is probably the most effective way at revealing the life path encoded within our heart and the intention for our life. Unfortunately in today’s world, the concept of the muse is generally unknown and fallen into serious disuse. In many ways it has become distorted, and even judged as somehow evil by some. We have our many stories of artist and painters who could only produce great artistic works when in the presence or stimulation of what people would call their muse” 

That’s just it, we must first ask ourselves what it is that we truly want to do, set your focus on it, visualize where you will be when you have achieved it, and work your ass off to make it happen.

So what is it that you want to do? How are you going to spend your long and happy life?

This is what we should be asking from corporate offices down to elementary school classrooms. But the reality is far from that, I try to find a balance between respecting the education system and realizing that in the average school there is very little empowerment to passion unless a teacher takes the initiative to do so. Rather than trying to change the curriculum or corporate structure, let’s make it a point to empower, promote, and enhance the opportunities for all. 

How is this going to happen?

Live the life that you want to see when you go outside, anything that you give energy(thought) to is going to manifest in your life. Set your focus on where you want to be and don’t give yourself another option. Success is the only option.

Analyze. Visualize. Manifest

Stay Grassfed,

Klayton Carpenter

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