Becoming Grassfed Day 48: Adventures of the Co-op


San Ignacio, Belize

The went along for the pickup the first two weeks of the co-op, so now that a different group is going up there, my Tuesday mornings opened up until 10:30. I spent the morning hiking and working on the computer. Only two more Tuesdays here after today.

11.22 Salad & Smoothie.jpg

I started the day off with a salad and a smoothie. The salad had spinach, pickled okra, pickled onions, corn, with HSS and Black Pepper. The smoothie had watermelon, ginger, and OJ with coconut flakes. This was a nice light way to start the day, if I eat in the mornings it is usually more than I need to.

The ladies showed up around 11 with a truckload of produce straight from the farm, our duty was to help sort it into the individual shares that we distribute them in. We had a spreadsheet to go off of that calculated automatically how much of each item we would be putting in each bag so it was pretty straightforward. We had a few speed bumps along the way but we were walking out the door by one o’ clock.

Due to communication issues, we were not able to locate the Pro-Organic Sign or the tent. We showed up to the carwash ready to sit directly in the sun but there was a nice shade spot that we were able to set up the table under. The set up went smoothly, we put up signs, stacked crates to display produce, set up fresh honey on the table to sell, and relaxed. There was a decent flow of people coming trickling in to get their bags.

The afternoon is always fun because this is the only time I get to hang out with these guys, in between our stories we get to listen to someone who is coming in to pick up their share. The mood is always elevated, today I got to know a guy name Javier a bit better. Javier works for Martin (Pro-Organic Member). He is always around, but always quiet and standing in the back of the crowd…today I cracked him open and I got to learn a little about him and his home country of the Philippines. It is so incredible to hear the story that everyone has, not just on coming to Belize but even before then. I am happy to learn a little more about a very nice man from a whole different side of the world than me.

Mary and I had to get our co-op picture in the books.

11.22Mary & I Co-op.jpg

We ended the day with 5 extra shares, these people did not come pick it up so we will hold the produce in the Maya Mountain cool room until tomorrow and then sell it back to the lodge if nobody picks it up. This is a handy arrangement because we never lose any veggies, it always goes has someone to fall back on. Beth dropped me off, we unloaded the leftovers and the equipment, and the co-op was done for the week.

11.22 Dinner.jpg

I got back and went for a walk, cleaned up, and decided to make a salad with some of the fresh stuff from Mr. Martin’s farm. I made a Kale & Callaloo Salad with Cucumber, Starfruit, Watermelon, Pineapple, HSS, and Black Pepper. I am back to eating salads and happy about it, I have so much more energy when I eat The Grassfed Way..At least 70% raw, no dairy or soy. I have been taking Harry’s Herbal Tonic as well so I am excited to see the effects.

After dinner I just cleaned my room, took a shower, and went to bed. In the process, I watched more Paul Stamets videos on Mycology. I love the opportunities that mushrooms can create, check out Paul Stamets’ Ted Talk for a quick intro ( Another pathway has been opened by meeting one new friend, the beauty of Belize.

As always,

Stay Grassfed



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