Becoming Grassfed Day 45: Market Mornings and New Friends


San Ignacio, Belize

Each Saturday has kinda become a checkpoint for me, these are the most eventful days so I always notice when another week has gone by, this was a really good day to end a really good week…only a few more of these left so I am trying to soak up every minute of it.

You know when your phone charger has seen better days and you have to have the cable point just the right way or it doesn’t charge? I guess I didn’t adjust it right because 6:15 rolled around and I had no alarm, I was about an hour behind schedule. I quickly got dressed, packed my bag, and headed down to the office only to wait for Bart for half an hour. Luckily, I did not need to rush like I thought…I even had time for Rey to make me an omelet. I usually deny food if the only means of transporting it is by Styrofoam or plastic to-go container, but the Lodge uses eco-friendly to-go boxes made out of corn so I was able to take my breakfast with me to the market. Veggie Omelet with fruit and toast. My phone was dead all day so I couldn’t get any pictures of the eco-friendly container.

As always we were greeted by the lovely ladies from Cool M Farms, their smiles and cheerful good mornings fill the air. I had to get my daily dose of sweet bread, 2 chocolate chip muffins and a piece of banana bread…for now. I have never had such good pastries that were this close to being healthy, they know what they are doing in the kitchen…I continue to eat more sugar than I probably should but oh well, these types of things are not available to home so I am enjoying them while I can.

I met a few really cool people in the market, the first was a young woman who opened a shop in town called Blended, fresh juices without sugar, smoothies, and more. The second was in an apprenticeship with Rosita Arvigo, he was very interested in the herbs and healing plants. The Market is a great place to meet people with similar mindsets because they will be attracted to your booth, only people who have a general interest in organics or healing plants will stop by if they see the signs. It is an incredible sight to see that many people come by the booth supporting these two missions, Cayo is a rising area for alternative health as I see it.

Following the market we got back to the lodge, awaiting were Nicholas and Kehana…they had just eaten lunch and needed to figure out how to get to the Ashram. I was headed towards Mary’s and was going past the Ashram on the way, so I told him to join me on the bus and I would point them in the right direction. Nicholas is a musician and artist from Nashville here with his girlfriend Kehana, a photographer who moved to Nashville from San Diego. They were in Belize for a week and were planning on staying in Cayo for a few days.

We walked onto a full San Antonio bus and stood in the aisle at the front, they seemed to enjoy the trip down. I had them get off at the Ashram road and let them know to follow the road to the end and take a left. You can’t miss the Ashram, it’s a huge thatch roof circle building.

I continued on the bus to Mary’s road and walked up and down and up to her driveway…finally making it. It’s about a 20-minute walk from the road to her porch, the view is beautiful so it doesn’t feel that long. She had lunch waiting for me, I had some cassava potato salad, avocado smoothie, and a preview of some coconut ice cream that was made for Kirtan. I told Mary that I would help them on their farm if they needed so she had a few things for me to do, any gardening or farming experience I can gain while helping a friend is always a good thing. I dug up some flower beds, transplanted bamboo, planted some seeds, picked lemons, planted the citrus basil from her late friend Suzie’s garden, and watched Mary burn a hornet’s nest off of the porch…it was a great afternoon.

We made our food for Kirtan, had some tea and waited for Evan to pick us up. Every evening at the Ashram is awesome, but when there are such a diverse group of people in one place the event is that much better. From California to Canada, Massachusetts to Alabama…there were people from various places but all had a similar mindset of Peace and Natural Living. Kombucha got the game started then we moved upstairs to the instruments for Kirtan. The difference tonight was the addition of the guitar; it makes the music completely different, I liked it much better.

Dinner followed with soup, stars and stripes salad(starfruit and zucchini), Coco & Cassava Potato Salad, Watermelon, and topped it off with Mary’s Coconut Ice Cream. She made it with fresh coconut shavings, banana, and vanilla, if you want the full list just email me and I will get you the full recipe: The food was great and the conversation was better, we learned more about Burning Man and where our new friends have adventured. A nightcap Kombucha and we were on our way back to drop Mary and Sparkle off, then Evan dropped me off at the lodge.

The evening ended fast, I was very tired and full of food so I got a shower and passed out quick. Another Saturday in the books, Sundays are relaxation days. Kiowa and Nicholas said they wanted to go to Tecal today and see some Mayan Ruins, and that I was their tour guide. So I’ve never been here and I will be tour guiding, Sounds like an adventure to me.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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