Becoming Grassfed Day 43: Belize Justice System & More


San Ignacio, Belize

This morning I witnessed my first glimpse of the Belizean court system, I have heard horror stories about the delays and lack of organization but never witnessed it myself. A couple of our friends had to deal with a real estate issue and Mary invited me for support and a chance to see the setup. I got a nice breakfast to start the day of veggie omelet, fruit, and toast, I am trying my week of bread and then cutting it out next week to see how I feel. Many different people have differing opinions about gluten but I have noticed a difference in the way I feel since reintroducing it to my meals.

11.18 Breakfast.jpg

We made it downtown by about 8:20 so we had time to get some fruit before the court session began. I ran by the ATM and then to the ladies with the fruit carts on the side of the road. $3 for a bag of watermelon chunks, pineapple slices, and toasted Pepitas…$1.50US, I wish we had quick healthy options at home rather than $1 poison burgers. I got my brunch snacks and walked up the hill to the police department and courthouse ready to support our friends.

When I made it to the courtroom we waited about 20 minutes only to be notified that their judge wouldn’t be making it to San Ignacio today and they would have to reschedule. The Belize court system is a bit more drawn out than we are used to at home, I am glad I got to experience a bit of it, hopefully I can see a real case before I go.

After wishing them luck, we walked across the street to the house of culture to check out the Garifuna heritage exhibit. The Garifuna are very prominent in the Caribbean, they are a mix of native Caribbean and African. I got to see how they make different dishes with cassava, I am going to bring some cassava flour home if anybody wants to try to make some.

11.18 Garifuna.jpg

Mary had met a new friend named Charles a few days ago and mentioned that he had a very similar mindset as me. We went looking for him and ended up in a Grocery store that she has been going to since she has been here, a man was filling the front of the store with has happiness as Mary gave him a hug and he started on a rant of joy. The man went on with something like, “There’s nowhere better in the world than this (Number of Square Miles in Belize) bountiful with water, if you are hot you can find a creek, stream, waterfall, or pool everywhere you look. If you get cold you can go to a thatch house cottage in one of the villages and sit by a fire and you will feel sooo warm…Anywhere you go in Belize you are in paradise.” These are the real experiences that I love from Belize and will always remember, the pride that people have towards their country is remarkable…The Belizean Dream.

Although we didn’t see Charles I was happy to make such a happy encounter. We made our way to the market and the Jasmin shuttle was 10 minutes from departure, we got a few snacks in the market and rode towards Cristo Rey. Our destination was the lodge, we had some co-op business to take care of first so we got that out of the way in time to make some tea. Our pick of the day was fresh mint and ginger. As the water boiled and the medicine prepared itself, Mary used my computer to check emails and by the time she was done, the tea was ready. A few glasses of Fresh Mint and Ginger on a hike was the best way that we could enjoy our afternoon.

Mary left as I was making lunch, Eggs and Toast with fruit continues to be my go-to meal. This week I have been eating a lot of eggs and a lot of toast as an experiment to see how it reacts with my body. I still have been plant-based with the amount of fruits and veggies I have been eating with these meals but I would not advocate for this in The Grassfed Way. I have been almost a week of eating it and I can definitely feel the difference. I prefer the types of dishes that Mary and Sparkle make, beans and greens dominate the table in delicious combinations.

The afternoon consisted of sleep, after an early morning trip to town, hike, and big lunch…I fell asleep for about 3 hours and it was well needed, in the past few weeks I have found myself getting much less sleep than normal. I woke up in time for dinner, a nice plate of chicken and rice with a salad and fruit make for a nice nightcap. I indulged a bit more on a few chocolate brownies and definitely felt it this morning.

I am a little late on posting once again, I am realizing that sometimes I lock myself until the computer until this is written, leaving me away from time spent with amazing people. I have 3 more weeks here and I have a lot more to learn. I will continue to post every day but sometimes it may be the next morning because I drink a bit too much chamomile tea and fall asleep early. I hope you have enjoyed the first 42 days and here is 43, here’s to 43 more on the journey to Becoming Grassfed.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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