Becoming Grassfed Day 37:Yoga & Family of Friends


San Ignacio, Belize

Officially less than a month until I am home, a little bittersweet…sad to go but will be happy to be home. It feels like I have been here forever, but sometimes I feel like I got here yesterday.

Thursdays mean yoga with Sera. I usually go to the same class on Tuesdays but the co-op has put an end to that, I would like to go at least twice a week but that may not happen in the time I am here. I hope to be able to go home and practice on my own so I can teach some of my friends. If people give yoga a chance, more times than not if they take it seriously then they will like it.

This class was Level 1-2 Hatha Yoga, most of the poses I can do but some I can’t because I haven’t gained my flexibility back from a week off. The difference is crazy, stretching is something that must be done continually or it will be lost. I have noticed that the blood is running to my feet a lot lately, they tend to swell up sometimes throughout the day. Tomorrow I am going to a session with Dr. Susan Barnes-Smith, ND., to have a Tui Na performed. This ancient Chinese practice uses acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, herbs, and more to reset energy flow throughout the body.

I have also had two iridologists tell me that I need to have a colon detox/cleanse so I will also have her check that out, I have a feeling this is a result of my overeating over the past few years…I tend to eat too fast and not chew my food enough. I am interested to see what all is done, I will definitely have updates tomorrow to let you know what exactly is wrong and how it will be fixed. Susan also offers classes to take to become a naturopath, so I may have an opportunity to learn the practice.

After yoga I went to Family of Friends, a bi-monthly potluck lunch that is held at the Wine House. The group is full of every different type of person, but they come together to have a lunch together, followed by a discussion about a weekly topic. This week the topic was about why everyone was in Belize, we went around in a circle and everyone talked about their journey here and what they like best about it. The diversity is really cool, this just so happened to be all ex-pats besides one but they all had different stories on getting to this tropical paradise; some for freedom, some for adventure, some wanted to make change in the lives of others,but most importantly they are all here.

I got a ride back with some new friends, I had nothing on my plate for the rest of the day other than to go for an adventure hike. In the time that I was back I got talking to Marco, the grounds manager about the different plants and fruit trees on the property. He showed me a few new types of apples that I have never seen, as well as the allspice tree that we made tea out of. I made some lemon water with mint, lemon basil, honey, and parsley before I trekked out to a new trail that I had never been on before. This time I went to the connecting trail between Maya Mountain and One World. I made it off of the trail and down the big path to the river. I sat on the edge looking over the river as It started to drizzle, everywhere around me was getting wet but I did not get wet at all…it was weirdly cool, the trees were helping me out.

After walking until my legs started to get sore, I decided to turn back and take my time on the trail…did I mention I took a machete on this adventure? I think it is cool how everyone in Belize uses a machete so briskly that it looks like nothing. I didn’t really need one but I thought it would be cool just in case I saw a critter or needed to clear a vine off of the trail, I didn’t use it a single time.  And I definitely wasn’t brisk with it. As I marched through the jungle, I joked with the guys at the lodge that they would make a movie about me , ”Gringo con la machete.” Coming to a theater near you.

The rest of the day was full of R&R, I also made a really good dinner. I started with 3 over easy eggs, a chicken breast, half of an avocado, and some rice. I toasted two pieces of bread (I was going to avoid gluten until I got this idea), sliced the chicken breast, cut the avocado very thin, added fresh calalloo and added the egg as the yolk soaked into the bread. I saved my rice, remainder of chicken, other egg, and avocado to add together, the combination was delicious. I’ve always loved to make weird sandwiches and salads; I could definitely see myself a Grassfed Sandwiches & Salads in the future.

11.10 dinner.jpg

I am working on not eating as much, but once I get in the kitchen I get excited and just start making stuff. Smoothies and Salads mostly but sometimes I get a little carried away with how good the homemade bread is, that is my weakness. Even if I eat this much, I need to slow down and take my time chewing rather than go crazy and eat super fast. I am sure I am damaging my body, I gotta change that.

Tomorrow morning, I am taking the San Antonio bus to the village to see Maria Garcia and her healing center. I also am going to get some medicinal soaps and other products while I am there. She has a huge garden that she is going to take me on a tour of, the one rule is: Only she can pick her plants because she raised them and cares for them. I fully respect that, I think that’s how a garden should be.

Also tomorrow is 11/11, Eunice will be hosting an event at the Holistic Institute of Healing for this occasion. Many different reasons behind the significance, including the Super Supermoon that is happening on Monday.

Another day in the books, another adventure, and more new friends…Belize is treating me well.

As Always

Stay Grassfed


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