Becoming Grassfed Day 32: BTIA and Kirtan


San Ignacio, Belize-Belmopan, Belize

A Normal Saturday in San Ignacio consists of going to the market and setting up for the Pro-Organic Booth for the morning, today is BTIA Day so we packed up and left for Belmopan. My continual struggle is getting up with enough time to comfortably enjoy the jungle mornings before having to head off for my morning event, My 5:00 AM alarm turned into a 6:08 rush for “readiness”.

11.5 sunrise.jpg

My rush was instantly halted by the sun beaming through the trees as it rose to start the day, there’s something about the morning calmness that I will always be fascinated by. Soon followed by the crow of the rooster and the awakening of the various jungle birds, I had to remember that I had somewhere to be before I spent the whole morning in amazement.


Luckily I was not the only one running late, after I hurried to get some water to start the day, brush my teeth, and fill water bottles for the day I still ended up waiting about 25 minutes for Beth and Mary to show up. And an even better surprise was that Nicholas, Beth’s grandson came along. He gives me my dose of uncle time since I do not get to see my nephews for a few months. I hopped in the truck and we left on the Western Highway East to Belmopan.

We were one of the first booths set up at the annual BTIA festival, there were all types of vendors there from solar heaters and spice makers to Amish quilt makers and environmental conservation groups. I love these types of situations because it makes me feel like I am at home doing shows, set up the booth and talk to other vendors while the guests pour in and we get down to business…the long day of working followed by breaking down and wishing the best of luck to newfound friends as we all venture on our own way.

The festival was not near as full as I would have expected, but it was a great success. I met so many new awesome people and came in contact with a lot of not so positive people, each gave my adventure a certain twist to it. I had a man come up and argue with me that GMO’s and pesticides were good, that I was wasting my time, and that Organic foods are a scam to make extra money. I watched another man argue with ocean conservationists about underwater seismic testing and underwater drilling, each of these guys showed me how to react to negative energy and as my mom says, “Let it go, Let it gooooo”. These people will be negative and attempt to steer people like us off of our track, the main thing is to make sure that they know they are entitled to their own opinion and that if they will not accept new education then agree to disagree.

One of the most exciting parts of the day was spending time with my friend Michael Somerville, he writes environmental books about what is going on in our environment. The first book in his series, “The Garbage Menace” talks about the trash problem in Belize (and everywhere) and what we can do to make an impact. These books are available online or by contacting me, I can put you in contact with Michael so you can deal directly with the author and not have to pay the middleman. The second book in the series is by Dr. Ed Boles, “The Mosquito Book” talks about the current mosquito situation and what influence it has on us. Michael is one of the few people I have found that are as health conscious as me in areas like radiation from phones, plastics in our kitchen, and other toxins in the daily life. We joke that it is nice to not be the only “crazy” one out there.

I also met a really cool couple from Israel who have lived in Belize for a couple of years and are working towards sustainable living, They are currently running a solar water heating business as they work towards getting their own house and achieving their dreams of opening a farm.

One of the more famous people I met was the founder of the Belize Zoo, Sharon Matola. As we got talking about the zoo and Grassfed, I mentioned the movie this summer and she offered to let us come out and shoot at the Zoo…this is easily my favorite Zoo in the world because it is more like a rehab center than a zoo. You are in their environment, walking through caged walkways you never know what you will encounter next.

To end the show there was a mariachi band brought on stage, my first real experience with such a traditional group…I was amazed.

11.5 mariache.jpg


After packing up we went back and Beth dropped us off at Mary’s, just a half an hour later Evan came to pick us up for Kirtan. The night was very relaxing and we had an incredible dinner. Kale/Avocado salad, an amazing rice dish, watermelon, veggie gumbo, stuffed jalapeños, and Kombucha set a nice end to the day. I love having delicious and healthy meals with people that I truly care about, the Ashram feeling of community always lurks in the air.

11.5 dinner.jpg

Tomorrow I am headed to Kim’s in the AM to learn some herbalist healing techniques and then in the afternoon around 3 I am headed to Bart’s house for a Belize Wellness Institute meeting. This is the first I will have cooperated with BWI, I am excited to do some hands on work with native healers from Belize.

The adventure keeps on truckin’…more new friends and more knowledge every day that I continue my jungle adventure.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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