Becoming Grassfed Day 27: A month in review


Placencia, Belize-San Ignacio, Belize

After spending a couple very relaxing nights in Placencia, it was time to head back to the lodge and prep for a busy week of organic events. Tomorrow the co-op begins, Wednesday we head to Nana Mensah’s organic farm in Belmopan for a class on natural pesticides/fungicides/insecticides, Thursday is the Pro-Organic Meeting, and Friday we head back to Belmopan for BTIA (Belize Tourism Industry Association) Expo to set up a booth promoting our cause. These are the types of weeks I prefer to have so I stay busy, downtime tends to make me bored and wish that I was back in the States.

Our trip seemed to go very smoothly this morning, probably because I slept most of the bus rides. Hokey Pokey to Mango Creek, bus to Belmopan, another bus to San Ignacio, and finally a quick trip back to the lodge. I am very happy we went over there, it was a very well needed vacation.

Today being the last day of the month, it makes it seem like I have been here for a long time. Day 27 since I left home, things have been very interesting. My overall experience has been incredible, amazing new friends, lots of new sights seen, and more useful education than I feel like 4 years of high school got me. On the other side, it is sometimes hard to grasp the idea that friends and family are over 1,000 miles away…sometimes it sucks.

This is what my month has consisted of:

On October 3rd, I left Dallas and drove overnight to southern Missouri, dropped my truck at my Aunt’s and we headed to St. Louis for our trip to paradise. Traveling with Aunt Birdie is always an incredible experience and this time I got to spend a lot of time with Jeanne as well, these two made the beginning of my adventure so much more fun. We flew to Houston, and then on to Belize City, took a small flight to Placencia, and enjoyed the beach for a few days. Placencia is easily my favorite place that I have ever traveled to, I see myself opening a healthy shop there in the future; herbs, health foods, smoothies, juices, and healing. The village is filled with good vibes and even better people, it is easy to see why Mom and Dave got a place down there.

On October 9th, they drove me over to the lodge and spent the night, heading back the next morning. This was a very bittersweet moment, happy to begin a new adventure but sad to not see my mom for a few months…struggles of a Momma’s boy. I am happy that they brought me over and we were able to spend a nice day in San Ignacio, Jeanne and Birdie were happy to see where I was going to be for a few months (Grandma Instincts).

Within the first 2 days, I met Mary and she has made my trip 100000x better…I couldn’t imagine being here without a great friend like herself. She takes the ‘Away from home blues’ away with her with her constant positive attitude and we always go on amazing adventures. She has introduced me to so many people that will impact Grassfed in the future, there’s Kim (The Herbalist), Sera (Yoga Instructor), Evan (co-owner of the Ashram), Nana Mensah (Extremely Talented Organic Farmer), Sparkle (Mary’s Husband), Randy (Metaphysics Teacher/ Healer) and many more. I could not begin to describe the impact that these people will have on my future.

This is the longest I have ever been away from home and also longest time out of the country. I am very pleased with how the trip has gone so far and can’t wait to see where it takes me. I have about 6 weeks left on this journey and my goal is to soak up as much information on healing as possible, my affirmation for yoga the other day was, “I am a sponge for information, I will use my knowledge to heal my friends and family” and this is what I continually remind myself when I get a little bummed about being away.

The biggest goal of this trip is to find out exactly which path I want to head down in the field of Natural Healing, so far I have learned so much and narrowed my choices a little bit. I am extremely interested in Herbs and other plants that heal the body, I plan on working with Kim to gain more knowledge about healing properties in common plants and how I can use them to help people live a better and longer life. I also like the aspects of massage therapy that are found here, there are many people who are willing to help me learn so I am going to venture into that field as well.

The availability of natural products here is incredible, most of the people I am surrounded by are living healthy lives and that has made it such a supportive environment to enhance my health and vitality. I am able to have meals with amazing people, healthy (Grassfed Approved) foods, in beautiful places, while I learn things that I truly care about. Something that I have not found too often at home.

The response to The Grassfed Way is something that I could’ve never imagined, I created the idea a little under a year ago and it has gone from piece of paper above my bedroom door to a reality. People seem to love the idea of a full spectrum of health and healing, especially from someone my age. I did not expect this sort of reaction, I think it is something that everyone my age should be catching on to, after all we are the generation watching our grandparents and other older family members getting sick and dying, the writing is on the wall right in front of us. The idea of preventative health care as a part of everyday life is something that should be incorporated as young as possible. The goal is to reach our full potential as humans, that means especially at the times where our brains and bodies are developing and overall are the most sensitive…as children.

I have realized that it takes subtle changes to create substantial change, there is a quote that I heard once and I can’t remember who said it, “The ocean is nothing but tiny drops of water coming together as one.” Little by little we can make changes in our daily lives that have a tremendous impact on our future, step by step we can make healthy lifestyles a common thing in America and throughout the world. Over the next 6 weeks, I will continue to learn, grow, and become Grassfed. After all, it is not is an end goal, but a journey that will never stop.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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