Becoming Grassfed Day 22: Keeping my addiction under control


San Ignacio, Belize

This is the first day that I have struggled to write a full blog, not much happened yet it is Belize so something always happens.

The morning started off slow, tonic and coconut water with a dropper of Clean Sweep(organ cleanser) and I was off to Metaphysics with Randy. As I hopped in the car, I met an awesome new friend named Moonie. One thing I have noticed is that there is such a wide variety of cultures and names that have made Belize their home, people come here for many different reasons but the most important thing is that they are here and are now my friends.

Metaphysics is a topic that branches into so many different categories of conversation so the expectations for the class are always unknown. Today we talked about fear and how we manifest that fear in both our dreams and reality. We got into dreams and what they mean, about how all 7 of us could have the same dream but interpret them 7 different ways…each of our own experiences change the way we think of things.

After class, Mary and I went into San Ignacio to run some errands for Pro-Organic and get some office supplies. We couldn’t stop talking about our adventure we would embark on tomorrow, Punta Gorda then Placencia for the weekend. Some very necessary time on the beach.

After making several different trips back to the market for snacks, we boarded the Jasmin shuttle and headed towards Cristo Rey. Otto, the driver of the shuttle knows by now that I get out at Maya Mountain so he pulled over as we approached, a hug for Mary and I was off to work. The afternoon was full of watermelon and e-mails, the co-op starts on Tuesday so there is quite the frantic push for last minute things to get done. It has been an interesting experience joining in on a project midway and hopping right in, especially when we are dealing with Mennonites for our sole supply of organic produce.

After a long afternoon of working, I get an upsetting text saying that our weekend trip will not be happening. The SHI (Sustainable Harvest International) Festival was canceled at the last minute for unknown reasons, this was an instant mood killer. As much as I try to stay positive about everything there are definitely moments when my mindset goes south, this was one of them.

On the bright side, I have made plans to travel to Dangriga for the Garifuna festival the third weekend of November, the 17-19th…the Garifuna are one of the most prominent cultures that have remained alive in Belize. Dangriga is on the coast, just an hour or so north of Placencia. This gives me a reason to spend a few days in Placencia at Mom’s place. I hate to see a condo empty so it is the least I could do…haha.

After a day of eating and working, I finish it off with a cup of chamomile tea and a plate of pineapple. I kept my problem under control today, only a half of a watermelon and a few glasses of Kombucha. I guess it’s better than having an overconsumption problem with beer and wings…right?

Tomorrow morning is yoga with Sera at 9AM, there is only one group of guests at the lodge and they are going to go with me to class. I am happy to share the joy of yoga with new friends from the US, 3 girls traveling down here by themselves…It is cool to see young people adventuring into new parts of the world and I am happy for more new friends.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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