Becoming Grassfed Day 20: Herbalistic Adventures and interesting truck rides


San Ignacio, Belize-Barton Creek, Belize

Every day is a new adventure, I am meeting awesome friends and learning so much about natural healing and wellness. I have to continually pinch myself to make sure it isn’t a dream.

I started the morning off with a veggie omelet again, I can’t get over the fact of how good these are with fresh veggies and even better when I just walk down and it is ready in a few minutes..I think I am getting a bit spoiled. My goal of intermitted fasting is not working too well, I planned on not eating breakfast(BREAK[the]FAST) and continuing a daily fast until lunch time. This schedule would keep me inside the optimal 6-8 hour window of eating, but these omelets are wayyyy too good for all of that. And some homemade mango jam with homemade bread..I feel the food addiction creeping back every day.

After a nice breakfast, I got ready to head to the front of the lodge by the road to catch the bus to San Ignacio, luckily Mary knows everyone and we caught a ride into town with a very nice couple…we took the typical Belizean hitchhiker way, back of the truck. I can check that off of my bucket list. They were headed to the same place we were so it worked out well.

As our time came, we piled into the old school bus headed towards Belmopan. I love being a part of such a joyous culture while I am here, the people are just happy to be alive. Simple trips on the bus are filled with smiling faces and happy attitudes. We hopped off a few miles down the road and started walking the 4 miles that it takes to get to Kim’s place.

As much as it seems like I’m full of it, the walk is actually enjoyable..mostly because someone picked us up a few miles in but even if we had to walk the whole way it would have been a good time, Mary’s attitude makes every adventure a fun one. We ended up getting picked up by some NICH(National Institute of Culture and History) workers and hopped in the back of their truck again..this time the roads were way worse than the first ride. They took us right in front of Kim’s house. As one adventure ends another one begins.

As we walked up to her house, the jungle showed it’s true beauty…fruit trees, orchids, and every medicinal plant you could imagine were grown in her yard. An awesome 2-story house stood at the front of the property, one small house being built to the side, and 7 acres of uncleared jungle behind made up the future health retreat/jungle lodge. Her vision for a community of healthy living people in a jungle paradise is something I can definitely see myself a part of in the future, I come into contact with more likeminded people every day.

As we spent the afternoon with her, I learned about medicinal plants on her property, breadmaking, Kombucha, and much more…I was so excited to learn exactly what I have been waiting for. These are the types of people with information unlearnable in school, hands on information on practical healing in paradise. I can’t wait to learn more about the plants and how they heal.


For lunch we had some really good bean cakes that Mary had made, fruit, avocado, moringa pesto freshly made by Kim, a glass of Kombucha with turmeric syrup(also homemade) in it, and freshly made bread. Healthy meals that taste good cannot be beaten, nothing is better than feeling good after a meal instead of being tired and ready for a nap. She makes an immune booster that is very sought after by some friends, a mixture of Moringa, Astragalus, Cat’s Claw, and White Yam extracted and made into a wonderful healing tonic was only $5 US. I also got a $5 Bottle of Kombucha, best deals I have come across yet.


We spent a few hours talking and having lunch, Kim cut Mary’s hair, and we decided to head a few more miles down the road to see the Mennonite farms that are supplying the produce for the co-op. It had already started raining but we ignored it and kept on truckin, until the rain picked up and we figured we might as well turn around and go back…these roads are not ideal for trecking up in the rain, they wash out so easily. A few seconds after we turned around, a truck of construction workers passed us and stopped..we were saved from the rain, but we had a bumpy ride ahead of us. The road was so bumpy and you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a Belizean driving home after work, I went airborne a few times…landing back into the puddle of concrete mix and rainwater that covered the truck bed, luckily we had a clear plastic tarp over our heads that we were sharing with the other two workers in the back.

We finally made it to the end of the road and hopped out, thankful for our new amigos…we fist-bumped them and they were gone. We were two rides away from our destination, one trip to the market and from there the Jasmin shuttle took me to the lodge and Mary on towards her place. Watermelon in hand I was ready to eat more.

I finished up the day just relaxing and enjoying the sound of rain on the metal roof of the dining room…a big handmade salad, glass of Kombucha, and a glass of Cat’s Claw/Chamomile Tea filled me up way more than I could’ve imagined. Tomorrow I am definitely going to fast until yoga at 9AM, a nice glass of Kombucha from the studio is a really good way to finish up a relaxing session with awesome people.

Thursday we are headed to the Sustainable Harvest International Fair in Punta Gorda, a little bit south of Placencia in the southern part of the country. We will be learning about organic farming, seeing farms and lots of booths set up from local organizations…not to mention staying on the beach for only $15 US a night. The plan on the way back is to stop in Placencia and stay a night at the condo, it will be nice to have some downtime and be in a much slower pace environment. I also may see about getting Pro-Organic branched out to Placencia so there can be a steady source of clean food for all of the people I have met around Mom’s place.

As always,

Stay Grassfed


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