Becoming Grassfed Day 19: The War is Over, retreat and relax


San Ignacio, Belize

The war is over…because the Grassfed Army retreated when chemical warfare began.

Ants officially ran me out of my cottage and into a new, smaller but cozier room. I still have a bed, private bathroom, air conditioner, fan, and the ability to walk around naked…pretty nice conditions if you ask me.


I asked to move rooms when the only immediate ant solution was to spray the mysterious “Fish” Spray, toxic and not suitable to inhale for the next 3 days. My new room is actually a little bit better, not as much space to scatter my stuff so I won’t lose anything or have to rush every morning to corral everything together before I go. The only downside is that it isn’t as private as Tapir (name of my old cottage), there are 6 other rooms in this building…I think there is one room occupied tonight. It is still the slow season for the next few weeks.

11.23 breakfast.jpg

Today was a very low-key day with nothing planned at all, I woke up to a nice veggie omelet and did some work on the computer for the majority of the morning. I hung out in the dining room while working and eating watermelon. When Jose came into work he said his stomach hurt and asked what would be good for a stomach ache, I pulled out some ginger and chopped it while he got some hot water. I made each of us a cup of ginger tea to calm his stomach and help fuel the machine.

By early afternoon I was feeling a bit antsy so I decided to go to the Ashram and get an herbal bath, they have a big concrete bathtub on the side of the round building. Evan came and picked me up, we arrived with a green drink waiting for us…Avocado, Cantaloupe, Coconut Cream (freshly blended young coconuts), and some more ingredients that I can’t remember. It was delicious. The Ashram is always a place to get delicious food, the best part is that it is always healthy.

The herbal bath consisted of a few powerful cleansing herbs: Allspice, Red Head (Ix Chanan), and Twelve o’clock. The combination was boiled in a pot and poured into the tub, I soaked in it for quite a while and absorbed the healing powers of the jungle. As I sat in the tub looking out over the trees, watching birds, and listening to the sound of nature…I felt so relaxed, more than I could realize until I stood up and felt a little weightless. The next time I do one of these, I am going to hunt for the herbs myself and follow it along in Rainforest Remedies…A book by Rosita Arvigo that shows pictures, in-depth descriptions, and instructions on the healing plants of the jungle.

The effects of the herbal bath were very nice, something I would definitely recommend everyone to do at least once. The best part is that you can pick your effects just by using different plants, this is what excites me so much. But remember…like Don Elijio Panti said, if you don’t thank the earth for the medicine then it will not heal anything.

One thing that always makes me think too much is when hot water is pushed through PVC pipe…My mom always tells me to pick my battles and not try to think about everything, but PVC leaches toxins into water that seriously affect our health. As I sat in the bath I glanced over to the water heater and the pipes between the heater and bath are PVC(like almost all pipes in the world), and as the hot water runs through these they release toxic estrongenated chemicals into the water.This is something that is very hard and expensive to avoid, but Grassfed will one day help make this cheaper, more widely accessible, and help people realize that their water can be clean (as it should be).

Tomorrow morning, we are headed to Barton Creek to meet Kim, the powerful herbalist who needs an apprentice. I hope to learn about her practice and see how she grows, extracts, and cures with her medicine. This is something that I have been interested in for about a year…It is crazy to think that in just a year it went from something cool on a documentary to happening in my life. Determination is key…As my twitter bio says, “Keep your eye on the prize and just keep truckin’”

As Always

Stay Grassfed


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