Becoming Grassfed Day 16: Ever wonder what our full potential is?


San Ignacio, Belize

Lodge Archway.jpg

What’s a better way to start the day than with a shot of local bitters, organ cleanse tonic, garlic OJ, and a trip to the market? I can’t really think of one..

It is so cool, everyone at the lodge now knows me for making weird healthy drinks. Whether it is turmeric and ginger tea, garlic juice, or some other magic that I pop out of a blender..By now they know that it is very healthy and most have started to try it. This morning I blended up a head of garlic in some OJ and made a few glasses of those willing to attempt the sometimes bitter antibiotic tonic. “Man, I’m gonna be healthy by the time you leave” makes me feel like my mission is not just a vision, but something that can change people’s lives for the betterment of their journey.

Today Alicia brought me a bottle of her homemade tonic: a mixture of horseradish, ginger, garlic, habanero, cayenne, and many other things. Remember: Never ask a woman what exactly is in her tonic. I mixed a spoonful of the magical sauce in a glass of OJ and enjoyed. She mentioned that it can take care of so many things from sore throat to replacing daily aspirin for older people(who are tricked into thinking a pill a day can help them….)

After a nice liquid breakfast I headed into town with Marco(worker at lodge), he dropped me off by the bridge and I walked into the market. I had a mission, get the prices of the produce so we can compare it to what the Mennonites are charging us and from there decide how we will portion the shares we will be providing.  I am finally working on a solid project to keep me moving forward with the goal of Pro-Organic. The main focus is to provide clean, agrochemical free produce to local people. Organic is a word that has to be used lightly by farmers because technically they cannot claim to be organic unless they have been certified. More political bs that gets in the way of the situation.

Pro-Organic Meeting

Following the market I made a really good watermelon, pineapple, banana, and ginger smoothie that kicked off late afternoon and lead me right to 11 o’clock..time for a meeting. As 11 AM Belize time rolled around(11:15) we started our meeting and got right to business. What produce will be ready by Nov 1, how will we get it to our members, how will it be stored/transported, how much will it cost, and so much more. Being my first meeting with Pro-Organic, I was a little bit behind on the supply chain situation. Working with Mennonites is much different than anything I am used to because of the technological barriers, we can’t just call them and ask what will be ready or how much at any specific time..there has to be a physical trip out of town to their farm. I think this is a blessing in disguise, it teaches me a new way of working without modern amenities.


Lunch 10.20.jpg
Hummus, Pumpkin, Homemade Pickles, Roasted Veggies, and Pickled Chaya with Casava Bread


During the meeting we had a nice lunch, I have been mentioning my Grassfed diet to the cooks and they are helping me achieve my goals in relation to food choices. As I am receiving my meals from them every day, they have a huge impact on whether I progress my health or move backward on the path to a clean body.

Cheap, Cheap, Fun, Fun(Only St.Louisans will get this reference) 

The meeting was very successful, I found that it is ridiculously cheap to eat clean produce in Belize(if you know the right people), such an awesome discovery. Of course food has been very cheap everywhere in the country(minus imports) but this is my first encounter with purchasing(not organic but:) agrochem free produce. Things like $1.50US per lb of kale and $0.50US for cucumbers is definitely something I can get used to. I am excited to see where this clean produce can impact The Grassfed Way and my journey to a toxin-free body.

Why Grassfed?

I think it is often misunderstood why people like myself strive for a clean diet and environment. Let me ask a question..What do you think would be possible if our bodies were not full of toxins and constantly being exposed to dangerous chemicals? Ever wonder what our full potential is?

That is where I am coming from with The Grassfed Way. Full Potential

I believe that when we eliminate toxicity from our environment we can continue to work towards our full potential and achieve things that we could never imagine. That’s why this is all happening, I am tired of lives being cut short by lack of education, corporate greed, and toxicity. I don’t think we have any idea how much we can attain through a clean body and mind.

After a morning of “work”(it’s hard to call it work when I enjoy doing it so much) I needed some more garlic in me, I pulled out the blender and actually measured my recipe this time. 1 cup of freshly squeezed OJ to every 1 head of garlic, this is a nice tolerable amount of garlic bite yet masked enough with the fresh citrus to make it pleasurable. I spent the rest of the afternoon talking to Ray and Jose, two workers who I have become great friends with. Time that I will remember forever, my Belizean Brothers have made this trip that much more fun.

ginger OJ.jpg

Also today the coconut man came, I finally got my two gallons of coconut water for $10US. Not coconut flavored water, machete chopped coconuts and poured into jugs. The best coconut water I have ever had, although supposedly the green coconuts have better water, this was pretty damn good. He also brought some of the coconut meat(gel from inside) and it was delicious, something I had never had before now. Coconuts are full of anti-oxidants, loads of vitamins, and amino acids.Coconut Meat.jpg

I made a new friend yesterday who I have felt like I have known for years, Simone. She is awesome and we have had some of the best conversations ever, tonight we talked for hours on a whole new range of topics..our second night in a row. It is interesting having a therapist’s point of view on things that most people would stay away from. I love the openness that makes it feel like we have known each other for years. Meeting new people and learning new perspectives is so much fun.

After talking to her for a few hours and having a nice dinner, it was time to come to my cottage, write this and get ready to shower and go to bed. Evenings have seemed to slip away from me because I am usually indulging in conversation that makes time feel non-existent. Did I mention that I love meeting new people? This is an awesome and free-thinking place.

Always take the opportunity to spark a conversation, you never know where it may lead or what kind of friends you could make. That one initial contact could be the thing that propels you to try or learn something new..who knows? Each and every person’s experience can affect yours in a positive or negative way, that part is up to you!

As Always,

Stay Grassfed




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