Becoming Grassfed Day 15: Metaphysics, Headstands, and Goodbye(for now) to Great Friends


San Ignacio, Belize

Today was awesome, yet sad..learned awesome stuff, met new friends but parted ways(for now) to a couple of people I will remember forever.

I skipped breakfast this morning because I wanted to get my liquid on, I had my local bitters and the rest of my garlic juice while washing them down with a bunch of water. After getting super comfortable in my cottage for the last two weeks, I had to pack everything up and have my things moved into the staff room(not sure what it looks like) while I was gone today. I wasn’t super excited about people having to move my stuff for me, not only do I like to have an eye on my stuff(not that I don’t trust anyone, I am just a little particular on how my things are transported. I tend to keep a lot of things in glass and not everyone is super careful or conscientious on where they put stuff) but I mostly don’t like the idea of people doing everything for me.

The big event of the day was the Metaphysics class, it was canceled last week so I have been super excited. I was set to get picked up at 8:40 by the teacher, Randy. I walked out at 8:35 and he was already there, one of the first people I have seen who is definitely not on Belize time(usually 15-20 minutes late). He were Ashram bound. He was a naturopath in the states who was not able to freely practice his healing so he came to Belize, an incredibly intelligent man who has been digging into Metaphysics since about 12-years old.

“Find peace so you can truly experience the world”

The class is for everyone as advanced as you could imagine to people like us who had very little history with the topic. Metaphysics is the flow of energy, an overview that almost all religion is based on yet many remain confused by the labels and programming of our beliefs(the way we are raised, educated, and mostly our experiences).He explained the conscious mind(yes or no/going with your gut) and it’s connection to not only the subconscious(Thoughts and reactions to the physical world) but the superconsciousness (spirit that flows through us all/God/Energy) as well. In no way can I come close to even touching the tip of the iceberg for this topic. Everyone has to dig into things like this at their own pace, I can say that it was truly remarkable the things that I learned.

At one point in the class, he asked Jess to stand up, close her eyes and hold her arm very strongly straight out to her side(parallel with the ground) while having Bertie point at her and move his finger either up or down. Randy took his hand and tried to push her arm either up or down as Bertie directed, the direction of his hand was directly related to the energy of her arm. As Bertie’s hand went down(or counter-clockwise in another example) her arm was pushed down, but when he moved it up(clockwise), her arm was not moveable. The flow of energy and mind power was so cool here. I know this sounds crazy but to anyone who wants to come experience it hands on can feel free. He also went into the very realistic possibility of connecting with people at a distance through practice and meditation, something that I have always been very interested in.

Another thing was a study that was done that showed that in a study from Colorado, 75% of patients with knee injuries had a fight with their significant other within 24 hrs prior to the incident. He explained that the knee has been historically and metaphysically related with the ego and pride. A connection that dives into chakras and energy centers of the body. Some of these concepts are probably hard to grasp for most people, but Randy does a really good job of making the impractical, practical. Metaphysically advanced individuals have been able to tell a specific symbol on a file in a cabinet across the world. You can think it is crazy but it is so real and our minds are so powerful..something understood mainly through experience, but denied by many because it pushes the envelope of what people think they know.

Sivananda Yoga

After metaphysics, we all gathered upstairs for yoga and Evan offered for Param to teach his style of Yoga, Sivananda. Param has traveled with his partner from Canada with their three dogs, his devotion to yoga was something I had never seen before. The practice was much more ceremonial feeling than I had experienced, more structure and discipline based. I am so new to complex yoga that my understanding of each method will have to grow very largely before I make any decisions on different types or styles I prefer. I am, and will probably remain at the point where I will try all types because I think that every teacher and type of yoga will teach me new things and gain new knowledge of where I am meant to go in my journey.

Know that you can do it!

Once again I proved to myself that I can do things that I never expected, as long as I visualize it and set my mind to it. Today I did a headstand, yeah…A HEADSTAND. The feeling of balance and all of my weight being shifted to my head was at first scary, but I had to let go of the fear to really achieve true balance. I held it for a few seconds but Param guided me safely down so I did not hurt my neck, much more balance training is necessary to do it for extended periods..but the main thing is that I did it and I know that I can do it, the first step to achieving anything is within the mind(exactly what Metaphysics is about too).

Plant-based Paradise

As a main point in The Grassfed Way is Local Organic Plant-based diet, the Ashram has helped to provide incredibly delicious Grassfed meals. Today we had Risotto rice with greens and a side of oranges/bananas and homemade pickles.After fasting and yoga it was a perfect way to renourish my body, also I bought a bottle of Kombucha from Evan. At this point instead of giving him $15 BZ I just give him $15 US because I end up drinking one bottle while I am there and always need a bottle to take back to the lodge. I am so addicted to Kombucha it is crazy, and healthy so it works out. My bottle to go was supposed to be fire cider, a spicy tonic of detoxifying and nutrient packed ingredients..but there was none ready so I will be getting some on Saturday for Kirtan.


Goodbye is forever, So see you soon newfound friends

After lunch I had to say goodbye to some amazing friends, Jess and Bertie. They are a newlywed couple from Britain that took a year off to travel the Americas, their journey is so inspiring..not to mention they are such awesome people. I have had some incredible conversations with them about a very wide variety of topics in just the week that I have known them, I feel like we have been friends for years. Their general happiness to be alive and desire for new adventures makes me so happy for them and their journey. I will never forget the night swim in the waterfall under the full moon that Bertie and I took last weekeend..Such an interesting and inspiring couple! They are the two on the left, in the middle is Marissa from Portland.

Ashram Gang2.jpg


Upon dropping them off at the bus station, Evan and I had to make a few stops and finally run by the market. I got some bananas, Rambutans  pineapple, watermelon, and ginger. When I got back to the lodge, I had a nice healthy meal of grilled chicken, pretty clean mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies(still crunchy so more nutrients). For desert I decided to cut up a watermelon, pour some glasses of Kombucha, and even make some fresh watermelon juice (with a splash of OJ for liquidity)  for Damon and my new friend Simone.

waternelon juice and kombucha.jpg

Simone is a therapist from Canada, living in Montana but spending a few weeks traveling in Belize. She mentioned that her dad is big into holistic medicine and alternative healing practices that most people think are crazy, very soon she understood that I am one of those “crazies” who see the value in plants and alternative healing modalities. We became great friends and a had really cool conversation about health, consciousness, and much more. This is my favorite part about being at the lodge, the wide variety of people that I am able to meet and converse with.

I continue to strive for knowledge as I continue my jungle adventure. Always looking for more ways to progress The Grassfed Way and discover natural healing, I know I am in the right place.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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