Becoming Grassfed Day 9: Relaxing Day at the lodge


San Ignacio, Belize

Today was a very relaxing day, I expected to go to a metaphysics class at 9AM but that was canceled at the last minute so I ended up spending the entire day at the lodge. It was a very foggy morning on the mountain, this was my view as I walked out of my cottage:

foggy mountain.jpg

I enjoyed a breakfast burrito with (nitrate-free) bacon, eggs, beans, and a side of fruit. I decided to have a week of staff meals which are mostly all traditional Belizean meals so I can get a real feel for the culture. I will end this week with a Belizean purge(detox) to show the native ways to cleanse the body and continue from there with a Grassfed diet. I had managed to stay away from dairy my whole time at the lodge until this evening’s dinner. I am currently feeling the consequences.breakfast burrito.jpg

After breakfast, I spend some time brainstorming with Angus on some app ideas and with Tim on some video editing.The current goal is to build a solid team to tackle different needs that will have to be met to ensure success. Things like video editing and programming are far out of my skill set so I am trying to find people I trust who are passionate in those areas to help others achieve their dreams while building Grassfed as a company. If everyone does what they love to do and we all work together, the possibilities are endless on how much we can achieve.

For lunch I had an awesome native meal: Beans, salad, chicken leg, and corn tortillas. I have never been a fan of beans (other than green beans) until this week at the lodge. The chefs know how to pair them perfectly to make them very enjoyable.

lunch beans chicken.jpg

As new guests come to the lodge, they are greeted with a welcoming drink. Sometimes it is freshly squeezed Orange Juice, Smoothies, or another refreshing drink but today it was freshly blended Piña Colada, without alcohol of course(the lodge does not serve any alcohol). Being in the kitchen cutting up my pineapple, I was in the right place to get the leftovers from the blender. That was the first time I ever actually enjoyed a piña colada, it was a majority pineapple and less coconut than normal which was probably why I liked it so much.

pina colada.jpg

Since there are not many lemons in Belize, I was advised to use limes as a substitute to boost my metabolism, alkalinity, and digestion. I walk right past a beautiful Jamaican Lime Tree on my way to the dining room and there was a big fat juicy one waiting for me to pick  so I had to grab it. It was out of my reach so I had to go find a stick to pull the limb down to me but I eventually got it. After juicing it into a glass, I poured a little into a few glasses of water and chugged them. Just as I was making my last glass, Carlos(one of the workers) came up to deliver a message so I offered him the last serving. Upon asking what it is healthy for, I was able to teach him about the Alkaline balance that we should maintain in order to keep disease away. 80/20 is a good ratio to maintain(alkaline/acidic) in our diets. Some examples of these are:

Alkaline Foods: Lemons, Limes, Spinach & other greens, avocados, and nuts

Acidic Foods: Meats, Dairy, & most grains

I get an extreme pleasure from passing along such valuable information as this, these are things that everyone should know but few do due to the lack of information on health.

Dinner was also delicious(I haven’t had a bad meal yet): Chicken and Veggie Quesadilla with salad and homemade pico. Also in this picture is the book that I am currently reading, The Seven Keys to Color Healing by Roland Hunt. This goes in depth on the history and practices of Color Healing, using different lights to represent Chakras in relation to healing a plethora of diseases. To top off my dinner I had a superb desert: Organic Chocolate Brownie with Mennonite Ice Cream. My first bit of dairy (besides light cheese in Placencia) in a few weeks. I can feel the difference in my stomach already.


Today I did some research on the Chaya Garden Ashram, a yoga and healing center very close to the lodge that looks super interesting. My new friend Mary had mentioned that she was going to take me over there sometime this week, from their website it seems like it will be an awesome place to learn many different types of yoga and meditation. The areas of The Grassfed Way that I am lacking formal education in.

Tomorrow I travel to a farm on the outskirts of Belmopan(the capital) for a class on composting and organic farming tips. Nana, the owner of the farm works very closely with our organizations to help achieve clean food and education for Belizeans.

Stay tuned for more blogs and within the next few days we should have our first YouTube video up.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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