Becoming Grassfed Day 8: New Acquaintances


San Ignacio, Belize

Every day is a blessing, waking up and doing what I love only makes it better. I love the work I am doing so it does not even feel like work, simply carrying out actions to better myself and those around me.

Today started with meeting a few incredible people. Before that, I had a traditional Mayan breakfast: Eggs with greens, beans, and corn tortillas.

mayan breakfast.jpg


The Tea of the day was ginger tea, one of my favorites. When cooked or dried, ginger releases a chemical called 6-shogaol that is proven to kill cancer cells at a rate 10,000x more effectively than chemotherapy. (  More info on that coming soon!

ginger tea.jpg

First, Mary from Pro-Organic Belize met me at the lodge at 10 AM and we started walking towards San Ignacio. As we ventured towards the road she mentioned that a shuttle would probably pass by so we could hop in, but something even better happened. Her friend David drove by right as we turned the corner. This is just another example of the general friendliness that fills the Belizean air. We were headed into town to meet with her friend Kathryn.

Next, Kathryn (founding member of Kathryn’s Natural Healing: ). Kathryn is like a walking encyclopedia, if there is any information on a type of alternative healing, she is the person to ask. Even if she does not know the specific type of healing firsthand, she will know who to go to or have an article for you to read about it. Check out her facebook group, it is a fantastic source of information for alternative healing techniques and natural remedies from crystal healing to essential oils.

It is such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by like-minded people who have a common goal: Wellness and Natural Healing. Never in my life have I had such a feeling of accomplishment, not for a specific event but simply that I am following my dreams and continuing to live a life that makes me satisfied with every breath I breathe.

After meeting with Mary and Kathryn, I was waiting for the bus to take me back to the lodge so I dove into a small cafe: Mayaland. Run by a mother and daughter, Mary recommended them for their awesome veggie pasta. As a lasagna lover, I had to try the veggie lasagna and I was blown away with how good it was. Stuffed with tofu (which I prefer to avoid but it was good in this) and mushrooms, this was something that I had never had before but would definitely order again.As well as lunch, I was also able to get some all natural Mayan soaps made out of coconut oil and olive oil. Lunch and 4 bars of soap for just $6.50 US. Gotta stay Grassfed.

veggie lasagna.jpg

With a full belly, I walked across the street to San Ignacio Market to get some fruit for the evening. Only spending $6.50 US here as well, I got a bag of Cacao beans, A 10lb watermelon, and a pineapple. My favorite part of Belize is the cheap prices due to the surplus and ease of accessibility for produce.

So for just $13 US, I got: Lunch, 4 bars of soap, a pineapple, 10lb watermelon, and a bag of cacao beans. Not half bad if you ask me!

With my hands full of bags I headed to the bus. An old school bus had been turned into the connector between San Ignacio and San Antonio village, the true Belizean experience. As we got closer to the lodge I paid my $0.25 US and hopped off at my destination.

The rest of the day I spent working on Grassfed Media stuff, Tim is editing some videos and getting them ready to post, the YouTube channel will be booming in the next few months, my goal is to have 100 subscribers by January 1st. Make sure to check it out through the link at the top  of our website

The ultimate Belizean issue, what’s for dinner?

Tonight I had red snapper topped with tomatoes and onions, served with potatoes and squash. The chefs here at Maya Mountain do a fantastic job of making meals that are both healthy and delicious. I finished my meal off with a big plate of watermelon and pineapple.

snapper dinner.jpg

pineapple watermelon.jpg

Today was another incredible day, tomorrow the plan is to spend the morning at the Ashram in a metaphysics class then work on some co-op organizational stuff. I hope to learn more and more every day that I am here.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


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