Becoming Grassfed Day 4: Just another day in Paradise


As usual the morning started on the palapa, time with family that I will cherish forever. The only thing that was missing was my Kombucha so I had to head into town and get another bottle, a wine bottle full of the ginger probiotic drink for just $9 US. We usually take a pontoon boat across the canal to walk into town but I usually just take a little boat and paddle over so Edwin(the caretaker) doesn’t have to take me over. Also this week we have rented a golf cart so I took that into town rather than walking.

First Stop: Above Grounds

The Starbucks of the Peninsula, where most of the ex-pat business owners go to have their morning coffee and bagels. They also have a great selection of fresh fruit juices and local jams. My personal favorite thing to get here is a glass of beet juice followed by a glass of watermelon juice. They also serve green, pineapple, orange and many more juices.

Stop 2: Brewed Awakenings

My favorite place of all: Brewed Awakenings serves smoothies, coffee, kombucha, and some of the best quick breakfast options. I knew I was going to get another bottle of Kombucha but wanted something to drink on the way back to the house, Seaweed Sunrise it was. Packed with pineapple, seaweed, coconut milk, and much  needed TLC from the awesome ladies that work in there..this is a must try. As I ordered I overheard an older man saying that he was from Florida and down here to avoid Hurricane Matthew. Throughout our conversation of course The Grassfed Way comes people ask what I am doing here the conversation automatically leads to me explaining my story and philosophy. I find it very interesting that most older people believe that we cannot change the world. He expressed his opinion on how hard my journey will be and could not quite grasp that I did not care how hard it would be. I WILL change the world and the absurdly ridiculous health paradigm of the modern world. My goal is to hear out all of the opinions I can to get an idea of what I have in store ahead of me. Our conversation ended in him and his wife wishing me the best of luck but did not seem to truly accept that fact that we can do something huge.

Stop 3: Ming’s Superstore

One of the more upsetting realities of most of Belize is the Chinese takeover of the grocery stores. There are very few Belizean owned grocery stores left in the country. These big supermarts are similar to the Walmart situation in the US, buy 100x more than the local stores can afford at a much cheaper price to undercut them and drive them out of business. It is really upsetting. This being said, for most of your basic supplies you head to the supermart to get what you need. I just needed some baking soda to do laundry with so this was a short trip, in and out in just a few seconds. You can definitely tell which products are imported and which are made here in Belize because the imported products have crazy prices like $8US for Kraft Parmesan Cheese.

After getting home and doing laundry, we wanted to head to the beach to get some lunch and swim for a bit.

Stop 4: Tipsy Tuna

Yes Uncle Floyd came along too!

floyd tipsy tuna.jpg

Filled with hand-painted signs with funny sayings and an amazing view of the beach, Tipsy Tuna is a really good place to go have good food and go straight into the water afterwards(Don’t tell on us…we did not wait 30 minutes). Tostadas, Conch Tacos, & Tuna Subs were for lunch today..all delicious. A pleasant surprise, Our waitress had waited on us a few weeks ago in Spanish Lookout(3 hours away) at a small hole in the wall. She mentioned that she recognized me for my interest in fruit juice..she introduced me to the wonders of mango juice. The small town atmosphere fills this whole country, just another joy of Belize! Not to mention the fresh watermelon juice with a view like this!!

watermelon tt.jpg

After getting full, swimming, and soaking up our daily dose of Vitamin D, we headed back to the house to end the evening. After watching the sunset and visiting with the family we decided to watch a movie: The Free State of Jones.

Matthew McConaughey may have played the role of his career in this movie, an instant thriller from beginning to end. Based on a militia of deserted confederate soldiers and escaped slaves fighting for their freedom, this film shows many aspects of the Civil War that we did not learn in history class. For instance, after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed..Plantation owners had “Apprentice Programs” where they were still keeping slaves but instead of saying they were slaves they were referred to as “Apprentices”. McConaughey plays a deserted Confederate nurse that builds up his own army to fight for what they believe in: The Free State of Jones.

Another awesome day in paradise, only one more full day in Placencia before I head to San Ignacio to start my internship. I am so excited.

As Always,

Stay Grassfed


Becoming Grassfed

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