Another Belize Adventure and New Opportunities

After a few Days in Placencia we headed to San Ignacio, a jungle paradise close to the Guatemalan border. A  few attempts and failures to successfully book a place to stay at other resorts landed us at Maya Mountain Lodge and Wellness Center. I immediately fell in love with the rainforest environment and delicious food.

Bart, the owner of the lodge and  pro-organic activist in Belize is married to a Naturopathic practitioner and they work together with the community to support wellness education through a combination of Mind, Body, and Spirit. An instant connection sparked as our first conversations brought together many mutual interests. To say I felt at home was a huge understatement, I had found the empowering group of people that allowed me to thrive.

A few days into our stay I was offered an internship at the Lodge assisting the Pro-organic Belize, Belize Wellness Institute, and Maya Mountain Wellness Center programs. This was an opportunity that I could not pass up so after a few slight changes of plans I was officially an intern-to-be. I start October 7th.

One thing that I noticed is that the guests and lodge workers I encounter will be an equally amazing opportunity to gain experience and learn. Over breakfast one morning I had the pleasure to meet Chris from St.Louis, maybe it was the fact that we shared a hometown but that lead us into a deep conversation on the benefits of open mindedness and the adventure of life. Our conversation sparked an instant friendship that will hopefully lead to continued contact and maybe a podcast(we shared a mutual obsession for the idea).

I just returned to the States and am working on some marketing and educational plans before I return for my stay. I will be there for three months so there is quite a bit of planning that will need to be done to assure I can progress my certifications and business strategy during my time working. There is no time to stop, Grassfed must continue to spread the joy of healthy living.

I learned something on my trip..As you continue on your adventure, I have a challenge for you: In every situation that it is possible, take the time to talk to someone and explore their passion. Empower them to describe and strive for the things that make their life an ongoing adventure of exactly what they love to do. Chances are you will learn some lessons than can help you on your journey and allow them to enjoy own.

Remember to always stay Happy and live The Grassfed Way,



Written by GF Innovative

GF Innovative is the web development branch of The Grassfed Group that is dedicated to providing photography/videography, content creation, media consulting, and other innovative marketing services.

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